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Are Dividends Passive Income?

Last modified: April 11, 2022

Are Dividends Passive Income?
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Stocks and shares are popular ways for some people to get paid when working with startups. It is also a recommended way for some people to invest savings as the returns when selling those stocks can be more than relying on the investment from saving accounts. During the time of the stocks and shares, some people will receive dividends. However, are dividends passive income?

What are Dividends?

Dividends are a payment paid by a company that has sold some of the stock and shares of the brand to earn some financing. The owner of the stock/shares has a stake or ownership within the company, and as a result is given some of the operating profits, known as dividends once a year.

Many brands will pay a certain amount like $0.32 for every share earned. When someone owner 100 or 200 shares within a company, the dividends can be something like $32 or $64 a year. This might be a small amount but some investors earn a living through this method by buying thousands of shares over many different brands.

In addition, these professional investors will often invest in brands that pay dividends that are more than $1 or $2 per share. So when they are paid their dividends, they are provided with thousands in return.

They will also buy shares at a low price and sell them at a higher price. Therefore, they earn from the shares in more than one way.

Are Dividends Passive Income?

Yes. Dividends are passive income because they don’t require any work for the payment to be made by the earner. Instead, the earner just has to own the shares.

In theory, the way that stock and shares work is that the earner is renting their financial capital to the brand for them to invest in their business to help it grow. At any time, the investor can sell their stocks back to the brand and get the money back. There is no restriction on when the stocks can be sold back to the brand.

Is This a Reliable Way of Earning Passive Income

Unlike with other options that are passive income, dividends is a much riskier option when it comes to operating. You have to be sure that your investments are going to be earning well. For instance, Shopify did well during the 2020-2021 pandemic with lots of new investments and sales.

However, other brands did not do so well.

When a company does well, the shares/stocks are worth more and the dividend payments can be higher.

However, when the company performs badly, you can risk the share price being lower than you paid for it and no dividend payments made.

That is why dividends are a gamble.

Final Word: Are Dividends Passive Income?

Are dividends passive income? Yes, but they’re not particularly reliable and there is a lot of risk with them. You might be financially better off using your money to establish a dropshipping or affiliate marketing brand on Shopify.

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