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The 10 Best Apps to Use for Shopify

The 10 Best Apps to Use for Shopify

Last modified: March 10, 2023

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When you are planning to start up a Shopify store you’re going to want to include the best apps for Shopify. So which apps are the best? Here are ten great options for you to consider for your new Shopify store.

What are you Looking for in the Best Apps to Use for Shopify?

You’re going to want apps that help increase revenue on your store. So you’re looking for apps with helpful functions like pop-ups, countdowns or free shipping bars. You might want to be able to add call-to-actions to encourage potential customers to make contact with you. You might want to add apps that improve the visual appearance of your website. Any apps that you consider using should be fast apps that don’t affect the loading time of your website.

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Preloader enables you to have an animation play while your website loads. This is helpful if you have a large catalog or an image-rich website. For every second it takes your website to load, you lose 7% of your customers. So if you can keep the attention of your audience while they wait for your website to load they are more likely to stick around.

The app will work as soon as you install it which can be done in a variety of file formats. You can choose an animation and customize it. This will rapidly reduce your bounce rate, which is when someone clicks on your website and abandons it immediately.

Preloader Highlights:

  • Play an animation to the audience while the main website loads.
  • Improve your conversion rate.
  • Load images in any format, including svg, gif, jpg, png, and mp4.
  • Improve the bounce rate of your website in a second.

Vitals: All-in-One Marketing

Vitals: All-in-One Marketing

This is another app that offers 40 different features and is a really great app for your website. This app will help you target your audience and upsell and cross-sell to customers. You can do this at different locations, including the checkout. Add offers and discounts with this app too. You can also use social proof and urgency to encourage sales with countdown timers.

You can use gamification, like a spin-the-wheel to get a discount. You can also import reviews from AliExpress. This app can also help you improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

Vitals Highlights

  • Forty different features to target your audience.
  • Upsell and cross-sell to your customers.
  • Improve uptake with sales through offers and discounts.
  • Add exciting gamification options like spin the wheel. Increase Sales by 50% Increase Sales by 50%

Turn comments on live feeds like on Facebook into sales and send invoices easily with this helpful app. It aims to increase sales by 50% and, if you don’t, the developers promise to give you your money back. This app allows you to edit orders, combine them or cancel as required. You can also produce shipping labels. Highlights:

  • Turn comments into sales.
  • Invoice shoppers with ease and save on costs.
  • Print discounted shipping labels.
  • Guarantees to increase your sales by 50%.

Final Word: The 10 Best Apps to Use for Shopify

In this article, we have showcased the ten best apps to use for Shopify. They’re all great options with numerous features, some more than others. Which one will you choose?

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