Best CBD Dropshipping Companies in [2023]
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Best CBD Dropshipping Companies in [2023]

Last modified: March 19, 2023

Best CBD Dropshipping Companies in [2023]
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Numerous brands are operating as CBD dropshipping companies. Some of these will operate across the world or some of them are very local. However, what you need to do is determine which is the best CBD dropshipping company for your new business. In this guide, we look at what criteria you’re looking for whether your website is on Shopify or not.

1. Reputation

The most important element is to look at the reputation of the dropshipping company. Are they able to provide their sellers with the products in a reasonable amount of time? Customers can be very demanding and will be looking for products to be shipped within a few days.

Customers will also expect clean deliveries that aren’t broken. Therefore, you need to check that your potential suppliers can ship products in a good condition.

Therefore, always check with review sites that the supplier has a good reputation.

2. Speed of Delivery

Customers are very quick to make judgments based on the time that it takes to ship orders. Many customers can expect your orders to arrive the next day or within two or three days. Therefore, ensure that you have checked out whether your dropshipping company can supply quickly.

Another option is to do a test order. These are a really good idea with any new supplier anyway.

3. Price

Another factor that you might want to consider is whether or not the price is right. Some CBD suppliers will charge more than others. You need to consider whether the price is right for your customers and you.

Ideally, you would need to be charging about 40 to 70% above what you are bring charged by the supplier. So if you’re charged $10, you need to be charging your customers about $14 to $17.

So check with competitors on what they’re charging and whether the supplier will be profitable based on the prices that you can charge.

4. Location

Another factor is the location of the supplier and where they will deliver to. For example, if you’re looking to deliver to just New York state, then you must make sure that you’re working with a company that will package and send products to that area.

This can be more complicated because there are different state laws, despite federal laws. Therefore, you need to check with suppliers that they are willing to consider delivering to your customer base.

To protect you from legal complications, be sure that you are using a geo-location app on your Shopify website to help you block users that can’t be sold to.

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Final Word: Best CBD Dropshipping Companies

Finding the best CBD dropshipping companies can be challenging. This is because it isn’t the best in the industry, as such, but rather the best for you. Therefore, consider the points above and check that you have the best supplier when you’re choosing your partner.

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