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Can you Host a Blog on Another Platform and a Store on Shopify?

Can you Host a Blog on Another Platform and a Store on Shopify?

Last modified: July 14, 2021

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Shopify is not known for being a high-profile blogging platform. Therefore, some brands will sometimes host a blog on another platform, like WordPress and keep their store on Shopify. The idea is that this is the chance to have the best of both worlds. However, there are significant drawbacks to this option and here are some of the reasons why you might want to keep your blog on Shopify.

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Link Building

The first thing to consider is that internal link building will be diminished when you’re hosting a blog on another domain or platform. The links between the blog and your main page will be like an external page, but their power will diminish as you build more links.

You would get more power behind your SEO if you hosted the blog on Shopify and linked internally that way.

Keyword Strength is Made Tougher

Another problem you’re going to have is ranking for keywords. You will be essentially competing with yourself for ranking on keywords. You will have to decide whether your blog or shop is more important. Both have their merits and making that decision is going to be hard.

Whereas if you have a single platform for your blog and store, you can ensure that your keyword campaigns are unified and stronger.

It’s Twice as Much Work

Managing one website is a lot of work but managing two websites is going to be even harder. This can eat into your time which means you’re providing your customers with worse service. Research has shown that good customer service can improve sales with existing customers by 16% and new potential customers by 300%.

Therefore, you’ve got to manage your time better and having two websites to go between just seems like too much work.

Hard to Align Designs

WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and Shopify all have different languages and therefore design differences will always be present when you have a blog on another platform and a store on Shopify. This can be confusing to audiences. They might think that either your store or the blog are fraudulent and this can harm the performance of your brand and lower trust.

Having your content in one area can help you build higher levels of trust with your audience and this can help convert more of the audience. In addition, you can be sure that all branding is aligned.

Final Word: Can you Host a Blog on Another Platform and a Store on Shopify?

When it comes to marketing, blogging is one of the most effective solutions that you have available. Blogging about 15 times per month will increase traffic to your website, improve ranking on Google and increase sales. This can be a significant bonus for new businesses and old stores.

However, maintaining a blog on another platform is bad for business. It is harder to manage and your results will be diminished. Shopify has a brilliant blogging platform with an app like this one, can really help you build a strong business with lots of traffic.

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