DMi Unveils Custom Shopify Conversion Optimization Service [2024]
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DMi Unveils Custom Shopify Conversion Optimization Service

Last modified: May 1, 2024

DMi Unveils Custom Shopify Conversion Optimization Service - DMi Partners and Shopify logo
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DMi Partners, a leading performance marketing agency, has launched a new Shopify Conversion Optimization service. This initiative aims to enhance Shopify site performance and increase revenue for brands.

DMi Unveils Custom Shopify Conversion Optimization Service - An illustration of a smartphone displaying a Shopify store with arrows and graphs showing increasing conversion rates and sales.

E-commerce's Rising Dominance

As e-commerce continues to expand, with projections showing it will represent 20.1% of total retail sales by 2024, Shopify remains at the forefront of this growth. The platform’s user-friendly features and robust customization options make it a top choice for nearly 50 of the top 1000 online retailers.

With the rise in e-commerce, particularly Shopify’s success, businesses find substantial benefits in leveraging this platform to boost their online sales and visibility.

DMi's Tailored Approach

DMi’s Shopify Conversion Optimization service begins with a comprehensive audit of each client’s Shopify site, focusing on user experience and industry best practices.

The agency then collaborates with clients to implement strategies to improve conversion rates, increase average order value, and enhance customer retention.

A key feature is DMi’s personalized solutions for each client, leveraging their deep understanding of Shopify’s functionality and ecosystem to craft custom strategies addressing each brand’s unique strengths, goals, and challenges.

Proven Results and Expertise

DMi has achieved remarkable results with its Shopify clients, including a 171% increase in conversion rates for D2C streetwear brand Bungee Brand within 90 days of launching their new site. These successes demonstrate the transformative impact of optimized Shopify sites on a brand’s bottom line.

The testimonial from Zachary Paul, former Head of Growth at, underscores DMi’s effectiveness in enhancing site performance through strategic adjustments and personalized engagement tactics.

Patrick McKenna, CEO of DMi Partners, said, “Our team, equipped with extensive experience in web development, UX design, and conversion optimization, is dedicated to delivering tangible results and exceptional client service.

With our holistic approach, we’re confident that our Shopify Conversion Optimization service will yield significant, lasting benefits for our clients.”

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Conclusion: DMi Unveils Custom Shopify Conversion Optimization Service

With its new service, DMi Partners aims to empower brands of all sizes to fully harness their e-commerce potential by optimizing their Shopify sites for better conversion rates, increased average order value, and enhanced customer retention, leveraging the agency’s expertise in web development, UX design, and conversion optimization.

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