Dropshipping Guide
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Dropshipping Guide

Last modified: November 18, 2019

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Do you have an interest in starting your own online store but don’t really know how to go about getting started? Or maybe it just sounds very daunting and like too big of a task or you are worried about the expenses that come with starting and maintaining an eCommerce. Well if this sounds like you then you have come to the right place (article). This post discusses a form of online selling, which you may have heard of, called dropshipping. Dropshipping is a method of eCommerce that is offered by many different major eCommerce platforms and we will discuss more about it in this dropshipping guide.

So now that we’ve got you thinking, you are probably wondering what makes dropshipping so different from just having your own standard online shop. The difference is that with dropshipping you do not have to worry about managing things like large inventories and various other expenses that tend to come with an eCommerce business. What will happen is that your customers will order products through your site and their orders and info will then be sent to a third party who takes care of the rest of the work on your behalf.

A Dropshipping Guide to Get you Started on Your Own Store

In order to accomplish what may seem like a very difficult task, we have created this dropshipping guide that is specific to creating a dropshipping store on Shopify. This guide will outline some things that you may encounter along the way and what you will need in order to build and make your site the best it can be so you can see maximum success and have a thriving business. You will see tips, and tool and guidelines to make the process of building a dropshipping site on your own as easy as possible. Don’t get discouraged if the going gets tough. Let’s check out what creating your own dropshipping site on Shopify will entail.

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What is Dropshipping with Shopify?

To get started with our dropshipping guide, we should probably first begin with a little bit of a background on what exactly dropshipping is for those of you who may be new to this or have never even heard of it before. Dropshipping is a supply chain retail method that allows a retailer to not actually need to keep a significant amount of goods, or any products at all, in stock. Instead what he does is he sends out the orders of his customers along with their shipment details, to either a different retailer, or a wholesaler, or  a manufacturer, etc., whomever will have the ability to send out the product that the customer ordered on the dropshipping website and complete the transaction.

With Shopify, you can easily get your own one of a kind online dropshipping business started because it comes with all of the necessary tools you will need such as learning how to build and maintaine your store, from stocking it to making your first sale and everything in between. The sales on your site will be made in just four simple steps. The first step is that a customer will place his order with your online shop. Then your store will send that order to a third party supplier that has the product that was ordered. Step three is that the third party supplier prepares your customer’s order. And lastly, the supplier will ship the order directly to the customer for you. Basically the third party usually takes care of pretty much of everything but you make money.

Why Choose Dropshipping?

Now you might be thinking, “well why do this when I can just open my own regular eCommerce?”. Well the answer to that question is that having a dropshipping store is a much easier way to break into the eCommerce environment because you do not need to spend the time and money that comes along with having and needing to manage your inventory, which would be a necessity for most normal eCommerce sites. Instead, with dropshipping the third party deals with the hassle of inventory and you can spend more time and resources focusing on growing and expanding your online shop. Dropshipping is supported by most of the biggest eCommerce platforms, of course that includes Shopify, so you don’t have to worry about having difficulty in finding a platform on which to set up your website.

Why Use Dropshipping with Shopify?

Let’s first briefly talk about what Shopify is. Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to start their own online stores. It is an incredibly easy platform to use so even if you don’t really have much of a technical background you can still use it to get your eCommerce up and running.

So why choose dropshipping with Shopify? Shopify is the simplest platform out there for you to choose from in order to start your dropshipping business. When you use dropshipping with Shopify you won’t ever have to worry about leftover inventory because you will only order the exact right amount of products in order to meet the demands of your customers. That’s why this system is so different from standard eCommerce businesses which require either product manufacturing or purchasing your products from a wholesaler in bulk. With Shopify you can easily control your inventory with dropshipping in just a few clicks.

Simple Steps to Start Dropshipping on Shopify

Here are some of the best tips that will help you to easily go through every stage of the process when getting yourself setup with your dropshipping business on Shopify.

First things first, you need to name your store. Just like with any other type of business, you want the name that you create to be memorable and creative so people will be more enticed to go to your site and remember it. Once you have chosen a name that you like, make sure to check on the web by doing an online search to see if that name is already in use and check to see if there is a .com domain already in use as well.

Next you will need to create an account on Shopify. This will require you to go to Shopify’s home page where you will see an empty field at the top of the screen where you should enter your email address. Once you have entered your email you will then need to make a password and enter the name you have chosen for your dropshipping store on Shopify. It will then ask you some questions and have you fill out some personal information.

Now that you’ve got your account setup you need to optimize the settings for your Shopify account. This step is the most important part of this guide. Optimizing your setting will allow you to receive payments from customers, set shipping rates and create store policies. You will need to begin with adding a payment option to your dropshipping store so your customers can pay you for the products. You will add the payment info by going to the settings page and choose the Payments tab. Once this is done you will need to add your store policies. Thankfully, Shopify has a tool that automatically generates a standardized: privacy policy, refund policy and terms and conditions. Now on to the shipping rates. The simplest thing you can do is offer free shipping., you will account for the cost of shipping in the product price.

You are now ready to launch your Shopify dropshipping store! Yay! Since you have added in all of the necessary information all you have to do now is go to the “sales channel” option in the Shopify settings. Then choose “add an online store” and your site will be up and running.

Next up you’ll need to design your dropshipping store with Shopify. Since the design of your eCommerce will represent your company’s brand it is crucial that it is done just right so you can make a great first impression and bring in those customers. The main things you need to focus on are choosing your theme and your logo. Thankfully, Shopify makes the task of finding a theme pretty easy because it comes with its own built in theme store for you to look through to find your perfect theme. They offer both paid and free themes so even if you are on a budget you will be able to find something. Once you decide your theme figure out the logo that you want to create to represent your brand.

And once you have all of this done it is time for you to get selling. You won’t make a major profit over night just by having your store live and ready. In order to see that your eCommerce business will be successful you must also do marketing campaigns to help spread the word about your site so you can bring in as many customers as possible. Do your homework. Figure out which of the marketing channels out there will be the best ones for you to use and will drive the most traffic to your dropshipping website. Using different social media platforms is a really great way for you to get your name out there and attract a lot of attention without spending a lot on your marketing. Over time you will figure out which strategies work best and which ones are ideal for your business. It is about trial and error. So get going!

Final Thoughts

So if you were considering building your own dropshipping site we hope this dropshipping guide gives you the confidence to do so. Dropshipping, especially on Shopify, is a great way for you to gain some expereince in the world of eCommerce. There will not be as much work and finances needed to maintain a dropshipping site as it will be for a regular online shop so it is a great option for many people.

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