How Many Sales Can You Make in a Day on Shopify? [2024]
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How Many Sales Can You Make in a Day on Shopify?

Last modified: December 19, 2023

How Many Sales Can You Make in a Day on Shopify?
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When it comes to making your business work, you need to make sales. The average Shopify site takes about 14 days to make its first sale. This isn’t too long, and it can be a great exhilaration for many. However, how many sales can you make in a day/month/year on Shopify?

Key Takeaways
Shopify imposes no sales limits, offering freedom for business growth and scalability.
Your ability to manage and fulfill orders determines your sales capacity on Shopify.
Consider shipper capacity and relationships to maintain efficient delivery and customer satisfaction.

Limits Imposed by Shopify

There are technically no limits that are imposed upon you while selling on Shopify. It would be counter-intuitive for the company to impose any limits on your business. As you grow and get more sales, then you might need to have a different plan, but this will help you maintain your website’s presence and improve user experience.

Shopify does earn money from every sale that you make and limiting you, would limit their sales.

Therefore, there is no technical limit to the number of sales that you can make in a single day. However, there are other considerations.

Your Ability to Manage Sales

The main factor about the number of sales you can handle on your website is whether you can fulfill them all. If you’re working with dropshipping, this can be an easy process. You don’t need to do anything but keep customers happy and send the orders to your partners. However, if you fulfill the orders yourself, do you have the capacity to hold that stock, ship orders and the time to manage it all?

This might mean that you need to expand, which can be costly. Expansion might include new staff, new premises, insurance, licenses and more.

Therefore, consider carefully if you can manage too many orders. The extra income is great, but it might cost more to sell more than it would to stay small. This could mean limiting the amount of stock you put on the website each day.

The Capacity of Shippers

You might also want to consider shippers. They might be okay with picking up a few parcels a week from you, but they might not appreciate large consignments of orders, especially if they’re smaller or specialist couriers.

Speak to couriers and ensure that they have the capacity to keep up with your demand.

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Conclusion: How Many Sales Can You Make in a Day on Shopify?

There is no limit on the number of sales you can make in a day on Shopify. The more sales you make, the more money that Shopify, card processors, suppliers and you make. Therefore, they won’t limit you. The limits on your website are only made based on your own capacity. Can you handle the number of orders that are being made? If not, then you might need to expand, and this can come with high costs.

  • What are the common challenges in managing high sales volumes on Shopify?

    Managing high sales volumes often involves challenges like inventory management, ensuring timely shipping, and maintaining customer service quality.

  • How does Shopify’s pricing plan change with increased sales?

    As sales increase, you might need to upgrade your Shopify plan to access more features and support, which helps in managing higher traffic and sales volumes more effectively.

  • What are the best shipping practices for Shopify stores with high sales?

    For high sales, establish strong relationships with reliable shipping partners, offer various shipping options, and ensure transparent communication about shipping times and policies with your customers.

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