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How to Get Your 2checkout Account Approved for Dropshipping in [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

How to Get Your 2checkout Account Approved for Dropshipping in [2023]
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Dropshipping is considered one of the best, low investment eCommerce business ideas that you can start. Shopify makes starting your business really easy and there are lots of payment gateways that you can use on your website. One of those is 2checkout. However, you need to get authorized. So here is how to get your 2checkout account approved for dropshipping.

Why use 2checkout for your Payment Gateway

There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider using 2checkout for your payment gateway on your Shopify website. For one, it is one of the most trusted gateways that are available for use. The platform is used by dropshipping businesses across the world, except for a few countries where the platform is banned.

It offers cost-effective payment options for you and your customers. Therefore, you can improve your profit margins. There are also options to get your money sooner than on other platforms which can be really good when you have tight cash flow, especially when you’re just starting out.

However one of the biggest problems is that you have to get authorized to use 2checkout. This can be harder if you’re new to dropshipping but it isn’t impossible.

Restrictions on Using 2checkout

The first thing to consider is the restrictions that can be imposed on new businesses that are using 2checkout. Here is a quick list of the things that you’ve got to consider.

  • You’re not allowed to sell any well known branded products on your website.
  • You cannot sell any products that have a copyright issue or trademark.
  • The product pricing has to be controlled, it cannot be too high or too low.
  • There website’s design on Shopify has to look very professional and be dynamic.
  • You’re using one of the Shopify basic paid plans or Shopify Plus for your website.
  • You need to remove any passwords on your website that block customers from products.
  • There are 2checkout policies that you need to follow for your online store.

Do you Need a Business Registration to use 2checkout?

It is necessary to register your business to get your 2checkout payment gateway activated and usable on your website. Before you register, you must make sure that you have a perfectly working website that has all the content working perfectly. You also need to have products, policies and more to ensure that 2checkout can comply with 2checkout policies.

You will also need to have documents that you need to get seen by 2checkout. They require these for all Shopify dropshipping stores. These documents can be described as:

Dropshipping agreement
Any invoices that you’ve sent. If you’re a new business, you can contact 2checkout for a solution.
Your marketing plan.
The website information for you.
Any payment gateway history that you might have.
The business plan.

Final Word: How to Get Your 2checkout Account Approved for Dropshipping

If you’re looking to find out how to get your 2checkout account approved for dropshipping, then you need to ensure you have all the right paperwork. Use the above notes to ensure that you can get your website approved.

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