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How to Make your First Sale on Shopify Quicker

Last modified: December 5, 2021

How to Make your First Sale on Shopify Quicker
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The average time for a website on Shopify to make its first sale is about 14 days. That two week period can seem like the longest in the world if you’ve had no experience with businesses before or any eCommerce project. Some people can lose faith in their business. However, there are ways that you can make that first sale faster on your website.

Why Does it Take so Long?

One of the reasons why it takes so long on Shopify to make that first order is that you have no reputation or imprint on the world when you start. Google doesn’t immediately rank your website and display you on search results. It takes time for Google to find your website, rate it for numerous keywords and then insert it into search results.

At the same time, because you’re a new website, you will have a new domain penalty applied to you. Therefore, you will appear lower than you would like. This can really harm your website when it first gets going, but there are good reasons for this. The penalty lasts for just three to six months and you can often get a good rating within that period, even with the penalty.

Another factor that you must consider carefully is that if you’ve not been marketing your brand at all, you’re starting from cold. So if you have no social media contacts/followers, then sales are going to be slow.

How to Make your First Sale on Shopify Quicker

So if you’re looking to make your first sale on Shopify quicker, then you need to be more proactive. There are several ways that you can do this. The first is to start marketing your brand before your website is live. You can put a coming soon page on your website and then develop it in the background.

Then you can use social media to promote your brand, with some pictures of the products you’re going to be selling. Then you can direct customers to your website and get them to subscribe to your website’s mailing list. There are several apps that can help you here, including this one.

Within the mailing list you can then keep customers up to date with developments and drip feed them marketing content to get them more inclined to buy from you.

Then on the day of your website going live you can send them a final email about the release of your website. On that day you can offer customers a special discount if they were subscribed to your mailing list (like 10% off). Only offer this for the first 48 hours or something, so you can add some urgency to your website.

This can help you build a following on social media before your website is live. It can also help you grow your website so you’re more likely to make a sale in the first couple of days.

Final Word: How to Make Your First Sale on Shopify Quicker

If you would like your website to make a sale faster than the average of 14 days, then you need to market your Shopify store before you go live. Above is a quick introduction of how you can use a coming soon page, email marketing and a discount to improve the odds of getting your website to start selling soon.

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