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How to Sell Print on Demand Canvas

Last modified: January 21, 2022

How to Sell Print on Demand Canvas
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Canvas has become one of the most desirable home décor products in the past couple of decades. They’re very functional, beautiful and stylish. They appeal to everyone and there are ways that you can produce just what you need or produce them in mass quantities. One option is to sell POD canvas.

What is Print on Demand Canvas

A print on demand canvas is a canvas that is only printed when a customer has made a purchase. There are printers available that will do this for a fair price and then send the customer their order when the printing has been completed. A couple of these companies are Printify and Printful.

You can create your own design using images that you’ve taken yourself or you can use images that you’ve bought from the internet or from the library of the printer.

You can choose the design and many other aspects to help you improve your brand’s products such as the size and quality of the printing.

The Advantages of Print on Demand Canvas

There are numerous advantages of print on demand canvas. The first being cost. You only get charged when an item is printed and this is based on the number of orders you get. Only the number of ordered items is ever printed. Therefore, you can keep costs down and you’re never left with unsold stock.

This allows you to spend more of your initial funds on your website’s marketing, to help give you a boost.

Another advantage is time. Printers will handle all the shipping for you. Therefore, you can create lots of great products and spend more time selling them online. The more time that you spend on your marketing, the more traffic you can expect from your efforts. This will lead to higher levels of sales on your website.

Best Platform to Sell Print on Demand Canvas

There are numerous platforms that allow you to sell print on demand canvas. One of the best options is Shopify. This is a great option for those who are looking to sell online because it is a complete eCommerce package. It also has other features such as email marketing, social media, push notifications, accounting and more that can help you create a better website.

Shopify also has a clear pricing system and cost-effective transaction fees. Therefore, you can create a good business. Printful and Printify both can be connected to Shopify with ease and you’re able to use other print on demand services as well.

Final Word: How to Sell Print on Demand Canvas

If you’re looking to sell print on demand canvas, then you have a good opportunity. Canvas is a large market. Across the world, online sales of canvas and other home art are worth at least $50 billion. You could take a share of this with ease by building your website.

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