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How to Sell Print on Demand Clothing

Last modified: January 17, 2022

How to Sell Print on Demand Clothing
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Print on demand clothing is one of the best markets to buy from. There are numerous basic products that are available that can have your customized designs added to them. However, many believe that selling print on demand clothing requires you to have your own printing press and facilities. This is not the case as we explore in this article.

Can you Dropship Print on Demand Clothing?

There are numerous brands, including Printful, Printify and SPOD Print on Demand that allow you to sell and dropship products. They have a wide range of products including hats, leggings, shirts, polos, pants and more.

These can be products on a singular basis and in bulk if needed. In addition, they can dropship the products direct to the customer, so you don’t have to touch the product at all.

Why Sell Print on Demand Clothing?

There are numerous reasons why you should look at selling print on demand clothing. For one, it can help you keep costs down. While price per unit is often higher with print on demand goods and dropshipping, which print on demand clothing usually is, allows for lower costs with storage and you don’t need to pay for goods before they’re bought.

This can also save you time as you don’t do any of the tasks such as fulfillment. Therefore, you can spend more time marketing your business. This can help you to improve your ranking on Google and bring in more traffic through social media and email marketing.

Another advantage is that you can build a catalog of unique products that customers can’t find anywhere else. This allows you to build a brand image and improve customer retention. At the same time, you can grow your brand by rotating products and using the products for the right season. You can start selling Valentine’s outfits or Christmas outfits at the time that suits you and your audience.

How to Sell Print on Demand Clothing

It is very quick and easy to start to sell print on demand clothing. For one, all you need to do is to have the right platform. Shopify is one of the top platforms and you can build a good website on the platform within just a few hours. There are plenty of good apps that can help build functionality into the website including numerous POD apps.

You can also have marketing apps that can help you with social media, email marketing, push notifications and more. Finally, the costs for running a Shopify website are fairly good considering hosting and software is included.

To get started, sign up to a Shopify account and then choose your theme. There are lots of different themes available, including those that are good for fashion products.

Final Word: How to Sell Print on Demand Clothing

Are you looking to sell print on demand clothing? Then you can be in luck. It is one of the best print on demand niches to be involved in and you can build a great business on Shopify. Within hours you can start to market your business and design your products.

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