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How to Set Tax Rate for New POS Location on Shopify

Last modified: April 21, 2023

How to Set Tax Rate for New POS Location on Shopify
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If you operate in the US, there are different tax rates depending on where your location is. If you’re opening up a new store in another area, then you might need to add a new tax rate for that store. Using the Shopify POS app, you can calculate the tax rate for the store, based on its location.

Below are the instructions to set the tax rate for the POS location.

Step 1 – POS

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have access to the internet and your Shopify POS is switched on and logged into.

Step 2 – Check Location

To ensure that your system calculates the tax correctly for your store, you need to ensure that your store’s location is added to your shipping zones. This doesn’t mean that you ship products from your physical store, but you should still complete the step. Therefore, check that your physical store is on the system with a location. This doesn’t have to be the correct location, as this is sorted later.

Step 3 – Signin

Now you need to sign into your Shopify account on a computer.

Step 4 - Taxes

On the dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’. This is near the bottom of the admin page. There will be a list of settings to choose from. Click on the ‘Taxes’ which is in the first column at the bottom.

Step 5 – Set Tax Rate

There are two sections within the Taxes option. The first is the ‘Tax Settings’ and the next is the ‘Tax Rates’. Look at the second section and choose the tax region for the store. If you’re within the US, you can select the option to ‘Calculate taxes automatically’ or you can enter the number for the county, municipal and state respectively.

If your physical store is not within the US, then you can fill in the value for the countries/regions/ Alternatively, you can use the default tax rates.

Once you’ve made all the changes, click on the ‘Save’ option. This will keep the changes and allow for the correct tax rate to be applied to your store.

Step 6 – Add New Store Location

Now add the new store location to your website.

Step 7 – Assign POS Device to Location

Now you can switch the location of the store to the new, correct location. This will now ensure that the taxes at that store will be right.

Final Word: How to Set Tax Rate for New POS Location on Shopify

Be sure that you’re paying the right tax for your store’s location. Use the steps above to set the tax for a store’s location. If you need further help with your store’s tax compliance, there are numerous apps that can help you. There is Quaderno that can be very helpful and is at a good price. You can see more about this app here.

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