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How to Spot Bad Customers on Shopify

Last modified: December 5, 2021

How to Spot Bad Customers on Shopify
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Not all customers are going to be a positive experience for your brand. Some customers can be labeled as bad. Recognizing them early can save your business from a lot of pain and cost.

What is a Bad Customer on Shopify?

A bad customer on Shopify will endeavor to make your job, servicing customers, as hard as possible. They can do this in several ways. The first is to constantly complain about something within your business. This could be the way the delivery was made, the price of the product or even the product itself. They might request refunds, returns, replacements or substitutions. This can cost you money.

There are several signs of bad customers that you might want to look out for. Here are several of the key ones that you can see.

High Return Rate

If you have a customer that constantly returns items, then they might be a bad customer. This isn’t a clear reason, sometimes you might have products that are easily damaged and you need to change courier or the way a product is packaged. However, if you have a customer that returns items because they constantly change their mind on the order, then you know you might have a problem.

Have Unclear or Changing Demands

This is a big one and is easily spotted when you have print on demand or product customization. These are also businesses where this type of customer can cost you a lot of money. They may order a specific product with customized options and then say the product isn’t good enough and make changes.

This can force you to make another product with different characteristics which are then rejected again. This can be very costly in the short and long term. Plus the customer will never be happy.

They Aren’t Honest

When you ask them about their experience they’re not honest with you. Often they will try to deflect your questions with questions and statements of their own. You might also find those bad customers won’t be available to talk when you want to discuss orders or problems they’ve had.

They make Unreasonable Demands

Sometimes they make unreasonable demands, like saying they want products delivered within lead times that are impossible to make. They might also demand that they have additional discounts that are just for them. One common demand is that they’re given discounts that have expired.

Final Word: How to Spot Bad Customers on Shopify

When it comes to ensuring your brand is profitable on Shopify, the most forgotten factor is removing bad customers. Bad customers are those that are going to cost you more money than they provide you. Use the signs above to spot bad customers and use an app like this one that can prevent you from spending more time than necessary servicing these customers.

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