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The 11 Must Have Shopify Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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When it comes to choosing apps for your website, there are lots of options. There are thousands of Shopify apps across the internet that can help you take your store to the next level. So, how do you choose which ones to use? Well here are some of the must have Shopify apps you might want to consider.

What makes it to the Must Have Shopify Apps list?

There are lots of things that make an app onto the must-have list. For one, they’ve got to be affordable and offer benefits to the store that can help offset the costs. In addition, they’ve got to be easy to use, mobile-friendly and not require developer skills.

But still there are lots of apps that can fall into those criteria. So there are going to be some who will disagree with the options here. However, these apps have been chosen because they offer value for money. We’ve also included numerous options that have more than one function. These can be time-saving and reduce costs overall.

So, what apps made it to the must-have Shopify apps list?

Filter between free and paid

Exit-Intent Popup by OptiMonk

Exit-Intent Popup by OptiMonk

One of the most key aspects of success on any retail store, or any online business, is that you have a large mailing list. There are lots of ways that you can build a mailing list on a website but exit intent is one of the most tried and tested methods. This app, that works for free, allows you to build an exit-intent popup that can help grow your mailing list for email, messenger or SMS. The popup allows you to grow your list and keep in contact with prospects with ease.

The app doesn’t just work with those looking to exit your website either. You can have popups appear that appear when customers scroll further down a page, are on a page for a long time and so forth.

There are more than 200 templates that can be used for your website’s popups. Then you can edit these on your website with a clever and intuitive drag and drop editor. There are lots of different customizations that can be applied to your popups. Alternatively, then you can build your own popup.

There are premium plans that you can use on your website too.

Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk Highlights:

  • Use numerous behaviors to get your popups to display on the website.
  • Collect contact details for your customers with ease. You can even get them to play games in the popups.
  • There are more 200 templates that can be used for your popups.
  • Edit any popup with the use of a drag and drop builder on your website.

Free Trust Badge

Free Trust Badge

Trust is an important part of building an online store. Research has shown that one of the main reasons why customers abandon carts is that they don’t trust the seller. By utilizing trust badges on your website, you can get past this. This app includes more than 280 trust indicators that are included with this app that can help you gain the trust for your customers. You can add any of these trust indicators to your website within minutes.

You can adjust the designs of the trust badges with ease if you would like. This includes customizing the message, colors and other elements. This can make them seem more natural and seamlessly integrated into your website.

Free Trust Badge Highlights:

  • There are more than 280 trust badges that can be included on your website.
  • Add them to any page on your website with the premium version of the app.
  • Add trust badges to your product pages with the free app.
  • Customize the trust badges with ease.

Ultimate Trust Badges

Ultimate Trust Badges

This app is again one about building trust with your store’s visitors. It allows you to add more than 100 free trust badges to your website with ease. All trust badges can be customized with unique colors, alignment, messages, size and more to help you get the designs to fit perfectly within the branding of your website. There are lots of aesthetically pleasing designs that can be utilized as well within the app’s inventory that can make the process a lot quicker.

All trust badges can be added to a product page, site footer, cart page, and any other area of your website. Therefore, you can get customers to know that you’re a respectable company and they can trust you with their financial details.

The app works across all devices. So it doesn’t matter whether your website is being viewed on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, customers can see the trust badges perfectly.

Ultimate Trust Badges Highlights:

  • This is a free app that allows you to build trust with your audience.
  • Change the design of any trust badge to ensure that it closely matches your website’s design.
  • Choose from more than 100 trust badges to display on your website.
  • Use the trust indicators on any part of your website with ease.

Final Word: The 11 Must Have Shopify Apps

The ten apps listed above are some of the best that are available for any website. Use them on your site to see it grow and earn you a better income. However, this is not an extensive list and there are other apps that might be considered must have Shopify apps. It all depends on what you’re looking to get out of the app. Which of the apps will you install?

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