Shopify and Astound Digital Partner to Boost e-Commerce [2024]
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Shopify and Astound Digital Partner to Boost e-Commerce

Last modified: May 20, 2024

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Shopify and Astound Digital have announced a partnership aimed at enhancing retailers’ digital commerce capabilities.

This collaboration promises higher conversion rates, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction by leveraging the strengths of both companies.

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Driving Sustainable Growth

Through this partnership, Shopify and Astound Digital aim to combine their expertise to drive sustainable growth for their clients. Astound’s deep experience in digital commerce, coupled with Shopify’s robust unified commerce platform, will provide retailers with innovative tools to differentiate their businesses and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Vanessa Cartwright, President of Astound Digital NA & UK, highlighted the importance of innovation in this partnership. She emphasized that Shopify’s evolving platform supports the delivery of great customer experiences by unifying various retail channels. This integration ensures that merchants can offer a consistent, frictionless shopping experience.

Embracing Click-and-Mortar™ Shopping

The collaboration comes at a time when consumer demand for Click-and-Mortar™ experiences is increasing. This approach blends digital tools with physical store locations, reshaping the e-commerce landscape. Shopify, traditionally an e-commerce-centric firm, is adapting to this shift by integrating digital features into its offline offerings.

During a recent earnings call, Shopify CFO Jeff Hoffmeister discussed the company’s strategy to unify the digital and physical shopping experience. Features like installment payment options and email capture at offline checkout are examples of how Shopify is enhancing its in-store offerings to better meet consumer needs.

Impact on the Brazilian Market

The Click-and-Mortar™ trend is particularly evident in Brazil, where a significant portion of shoppers prefer this hybrid shopping method.

According to PYMNTS Intelligence data, over half of Brazilian shoppers engage in Click-and-Mortar™ shopping. This trend spans different income levels, with both high-income and lower-income shoppers adopting digital shopping strategies.

However, Brazilian consumers have reported challenges in finding the digital shopping features they desire. This highlights an opportunity for Shopify and Astound Digital to address these gaps and provide more accessible and efficient digital tools for the Brazilian market.

Shopify Teams Up with Astound Digital to Transform E-Commerce - cloud services representation with small e-commerce icons

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Conclusion: Shopify and Astound Digital Partner to Boost Digital Commerce

The partnership between Shopify and Astound Digital is set to enhance digital commerce by offering innovative solutions that drive growth, improve customer experiences, and unify online and offline shopping.

As consumer demand for Click-and-Mortar™ experiences grows, this collaboration will enable retailers to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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