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Show Content Based On an Order for A Particular Product on Shopify

Show Content Based On an Order for A Particular Product on Shopify

Last modified: November 2, 2020

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You can easily sell lots of different products from your Shopify store. And customers can buy some products, like digital products, directly on your store and then download them instantly. However, they must know how to do that or any issue that might be surrounding it.

Luckily, Shopify allows you to add the link of a product within the order status page. This allows you to add the downlink to the product for your customer to use or can include other vital information.

For this to happen, you need to learn how to showcase content based on a product within a specific order. This tutorial helps you to learn how to do that. During the example, we will be using a digital product as the example.

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Step 1 – Login

The first step is to login to your Shopify store using your user credentials.

Step 2 - Checkout

From the Shopify dashboard, click on ‘Settings’ option which is at the bottom of the dashboard. From here, you can then click on the ‘Checkout’ option.

Step 3 – Additional Scripts

You need to then go to the ‘Order Processing’ section. You’ll need to scroll down the page to find this section. Within this area there are four options. The last option should read ‘Additional Scripts’. Click on that option.

Step 4 – Copy The Code

Now you need to copy the code below. If you’re on a mobile device, then you might be best switching to a desktop as this can be fiddling. Copying the code using either Ctrl + C or right clicking and selecting Copy after highlighting the text will both work fine.

  {% for line in checkout.line_items %}
    <!-- DEBUG looking at {{ line.title }} -->
    {% if line.title == 'Our special downloadable product' %}
<p>Download your special downloadable product! <a href="#">Here!</a></p>
    {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}

Once you’re sure that the script has been copied, paste the code into the text box for ‘Additional Scripts’.

Ensure that you’re inserting the right URL and other information into your code. For instance, the ahref value should be that of your download URL.

When you’ve completed that you can click on the ‘Save’ option. This will make the changes live on your site.

Final Word: Show Content Based On an Order for A Particular Product on Shopify

The advice in this article allows you to showcase specific text for products on your website that a customer has bought. When the customer has made the order, they can go to their order status page and the text will be displayed.

This can help you deliver digital products to your customers or give warnings if certain products take longer than others to be delivered. There are also apps that can help you with digital products, like this digital products app here. This can help you avoid this task and improve your business’ revenue with ease.

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