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Tips for Selling Print on Demand Scrubs

Tips for Selling Print on Demand Scrubs

Last modified: March 25, 2022

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Scrubs are in high demand across the world. In the US alone, the keyword ‘Scrubs’ is searched nearly 400,000 times a month and this isn’t the only keyword used to search for this item. So selling print on demand scrubs can be a good option. But what are the top tips for selling these products? Here is some good options for your new business venture.

Keyword Research

The important factor is finding the keywords that work for your new business. While ‘Scrubs’ is searched for 400,000 times a month in the US, it isn’t necessarily the best keyword. There is a high level of competition for the keyword. In contrast, ‘figs scrubs’ has 225,000 searches per month, but has a much lower level of competition. This can be a good route to success.

However, it is always important to find the keywords that will succeed for you. Different brands need their own unique set of keywords.

New Designs

It is important to have lots of different product designs for your website. Shopify and print on demand suppliers like Printful and Printify can support dozens of different designs. This is vital for the success of your brand because buyers will want to buy specific designs which you might not meet with just one design.

In addition, different designs enable you to appeal to more audiences.

You might also want to consider selling other products too. So you can sell print on demand face masks and other products.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is really important when it comes to selling online. For every $1 that you invest in your website’s email marketing campaigns, then you can expect to get between $38 and $44 in revenue. This can be really good because you will be selling mostly to health care providers, who are likely to buy lots at the same time.

Email marketing can also be used for abandoned carts. About 80% of the carts created on your website will be abandoned, but a good abandoned cart email series can reclaim about 20% of those, which can almost double your revenues.


Because you’re going to expect more bulk orders, you can offer volume discounts to your clients. This can be a good way to improve the average order value on your website. There are several bulk discount apps that you can use on your website.

You can use tier systems where you have discounts that get larger as they add more products. Or you can use a single step that if the customer orders ten or more products they can get a discount. You’re also able to offer discounts if the products are all the same or on the size of the order.

Final Word: Tips for Selling Print on Demand Scrubs

Above are some of the top tips for you to sell print on demand scrubs on your Shopify website. It is really easy to do, all you need is one of the top print on demand apps and an account with a printer.

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