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Top 10 Shopify Hide PayPal Button Apps  – [2023]

Top 10 Shopify Hide PayPal Button Apps – [2023]

Last modified: January 17, 2023

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PayPal is one of the top payment solutions available online. It’s cost effective, simple to use and offers great service for customers and businesses alike. However, not everyone likes to use PayPal and therefore you might want to hide the PayPal button from your store. You can do this through coding, however, if you’re not comfortable with that, you can also use one of these Shopify hide PayPal button apps.

What Are The Benefits Of Using One Of The Shopify Hide PayPal Button Apps?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to hide the PayPal button. Other services like Stripe offer better pricing for customers and you might prefer to just use Shopify payments. Therefore, you want to discourage PayPal and the most effective solution for that is to remove the button completely.

The Shopify hide PayPal button apps allows you a quick and effortless way to do this that won’t risk corrupting your store through bad coding. So, what are the top apps available to do this? Here’s our list of the best options for your store.

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Express Checkout Hider

Express Checkout Hider

This app hides the Express Checkout for PayPal from your store, meaning customers can’t use this as a way to pay for orders on your site. This app can also hide other express checkout options from your store, making it an effective solution for those that want to stick to a select few payment options on the store and reduce the abandoned cart rate on the store.

Stores who use this app have found that their customers have better experience and find the process much easier. And it allows the customer to enter in promo codes and view delivery information before payment. This can be really beneficial as it reduces the requests for refunds when customers realize that delivery options aren’t suitable.

This is a free app, so it’s also great for brands looking to keep costs down. It’s easy to use and works as soon as you’ve installed the app on your store. If you need help, you can contact the support team of the developers.

Express Checkout Hider Highlights:

  • Hides the PayPal checkout button from your store as well as other express checkout buttons.
  • Helps to reduce the abandoned cart rate of your store with ease.
  • A free app that offers you a simple function at no cost, great for new businesses.
  • Improves the experience of your customers as they shop on your store.

Final Word: Shopify Hide PayPal Button Apps

Hide the PayPal button from your website with one of these excellent Shopify hide PayPal button apps. This can help improve conversions and increase customer satisfaction on your store. It might also be what you need to increase conversions on your site and therefore, revenue, on your site. There are ten great apps above, which of them will you install on your Shopify site?

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