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Top Tips to Sell Print on Demand Placemats

Last modified: February 27, 2022

Top Tips to Sell Print on Demand Placemats
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The global tableware market was worth $45 billion in 2020 and by 2025, the projections are that it could be worth more than $60 billion. If you’re looking to start a business, then you could get involved in print on demand placemats and take a portion of this market.

This article explores some of the top tips for your new venture and how you can earn a living from it.

What is the Market like for Print on Demand Placemats?

The demand for placemats is very versatile. There are those placemats that are designed for young children and babies. These generally tend to be very vibrant, filled with fun characters. While some of the mats are branded with famous characters, there are lots of options that have generic characters.

There is also the formal placemat option where high-end companies might order specific placemats for their formal dinners. Or consumers might buy some fancy placemats for evening parties or family gatherings.

There are also casual placemats that are used for decorations on coffee tables or at the evening family meal.

Therefore, there are lots of options and markets that you can tap into.

Top Tips for Print on Demand Placemats

There are lots of tips that you can use to make your placemat business a success. Here are some of the best tips for you.

1. Lots of Products

Be sure that you’re filling your store with lots of products. When connecting your Shopify store to a print on demand supplier via an app, you can create an unlimited number versions of the product. You can also create a lot of other complementary products like napkins and other items to add additional appeal for your website.

2. Price your Products Right

Now you need to price your products right. You should be charging about 40-70% for your profit margin. This will give you a great profit margin for offering discounts and earning a lot of revenue for a good living.

3. Marketing

Be sure that you add email marketing to your regular activities. Ensure that you at least have cart abandoned email series that can entice those who don’t buy on their first visit. About 80% of your audience will abandon a cart, and you can nearly double revenues with an abandoned cart option.

4. Use Videos

Videos can help you promote products and build a better conversion rate. Printful and other print on demand services can help you create videos for your products, helping you save time and money in producing your own. A video can help you increase sales by 64%.

5. Review Products

Always try to review products, improving what is on offer, removing products that don’t sell and adding new trending products.

Final Word: Top Tips to Sell Print on Demand Placemats

Above are some of the top tips to help you sell more print on demand placemats. Using some of the tips above could help you double or more your revenues from your Shopify website.

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