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What is Drop on Demand Printing?

What is Drop on Demand Printing?

Last modified: March 30, 2022

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There are many new terms to learn when you are starting a new business. If you’re new to print on demand business you might have come across the term, drop on demand printing. What does this term mean and how can it be beneficial to your business?

What is Drop on Demand Printing?

When you are running a print on demand business, as the name suggests, the creation of your product is only done when an order is made. This has the benefit that neither the printer nor you has any inventory stored that might be damaged or faded. There is also a smaller chance that there is a financial waste should a product just not sell.

When a product is bought, however, the printer will automatically collect the base product and then create the design, fulfill the order by sending it to the customer and charge you for the cost.

Therefore, print on demand has some of the same features and benefits of dropshipping.

This is very lucrative for many reasons. However, it is also the reason why some terms get confused. Some people think that drop on demand printing refers to the dropshipping process of the whole element. This is not the case.

Drop on demand printing is the printing process that is used to create the product. Many printers will use drop on demand as a way to add color to products by dropping the ink onto the product when it is necessary. Drops are only added when and where needed.

The Benefits of Drop on Demand Printing

There are several benefits to drop on demand printing. For one, it is a much more versatile and robust way of printing products within the industry. It allows for fewer mistakes to be made that might get a product rejected during quality control or when the customer receives the product.

In addition, it allows for less wastage allowing for printers to reduce the impact they’re having on the environment. In the past few years this has become an important factor when it comes to shopping behaviors for customers and so drop on demand has become almost essential to allow printers, and you, to have a more eco-friendly operation.

Drop on demand also saves on costs. Because there is less wastage, less resources (ink) and time is being used to produce the same products, brands can expect their costs to be cut. This can be a vital reason why businesses are now becoming more profitable.

Do Printers use Drop on Demand Printing?

There are many printers, like Printful and Printify that use drop on demand printing as a way to create the products that are ordered from them. It is a way for them to cut costs and meet the eco-friendly targets that they’ve set themselves.

Final Word: What is Drop on Demand Printing?

Drop on demand printing is not related to dropshipping or the process in which products are orders and shipped to customers. Instead, it refers to the method to which products are created in a more cost-effective way that allows for a smaller impact on the environment.

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