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Which are the Cheapest Print on Demand Businesses?

Last modified: January 16, 2022

Which are the Cheapest Print on Demand Businesses?
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Are you looking for the best and cheapest print on demand businesses? Here is a list of them. Using this list you can select the printer that is best for your brand.


This is the cheapest print on demand service that is available. It was founded in 2016 in China and features about 800 products from a wide range of categories. Its main categories are clothes, jewelry, shoes, home and living and accessories.

The company is known as one of the best for printing quality products.

Costs for clothing range from $2.50 to $22.70. Shipping costs can start from $6.80. There are no subscription fees either.


This is the next one of the list. There are about 400 customizable items that include t-shirts, clothing, sweatshirts, mugs, bags and more. They offer traditional dropshipping products with over one million products. Therefore, you can have a large catalog.

Costs range from $5.09 to $23.67 and costs can be free in some cases, but can quick increase to more than $5. There is also a custom branding cost that is $19.90 for the lifetime of the labels, handtags and packing bags. You might also need to pay a subscription of $99 per year for gift cards.


This is another one of the cheapest print on demand companies. It can handle more than 50,000 cases per day. There are lots of different products with this option including clothing, accessories, home products and more.

Pricing for clothes start at $5.99 and go up to $45.59. There is no subscription fee and no custom branding costs.


One of the best-known options is Printify. This was launched in 2015 and can deliver from any of the 100 locations it has across the world. They currently have two million merchants and they print more than 10,000 products every day.

There are 300 high-quality products that range in clothing to pet supplies and even include other items. Pricing for these items start from $6.55 for clothing and can go as high as $53.85.


SPOD is a cheap print on demand company that is very experienced. They have five printing facilities across the world and they can process more than 50,000 orders every day. There are 150 unique items available through their catalog too.

Costs from SPOD can be as low as $6.71 and can be as high as $23.73. There are not costs for subscriptions and branding.


Printy6 has a user-friendly design interface that is perfect for beginners to the industry. There are lots of pre-built options that enable anyone to create stunning print on demand products within just a few clicks.

There are more than 200 products that are in a wide range of dropshipping niches. These are at a reasonable price with clothing costing between $6.90 and $28. Shipping costs are from $3.8 and there is no cost for custom branding or accounts.


Printful has served more than 362,000 clients with 33 million items shipped across the world. They fulfill more than one million items every month. There are more than 290 products on their catalog.

Prices on Printful can cost as little as $8.52 and as much as $52.96. Shipping costs are as low as $3.99. While a subscription fee is not applicable, all custom branding is charged. This can include fifty cents for custom packaging.

Final Word: Which are the Cheapest Print on Demand Businesses?

Above are some of the cheapest POD businesses that you can use for your business. All of these have apps that can connect your store to them through Shopify. Something that makes using them really easy.

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