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Why Sell Print on Demand Hoodies

Last modified: February 10, 2022

Why Sell Print on Demand Hoodies
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Hoodies are a very popular fashion item for numerous age groups. They’re warm, comfortable and a versatile clothing item. However, selling them from fashion stores can be less than rewarding. Margins can be low and getting the stock can also be challenging. You will also need to have lots of cash for stock investment. However, with print on demand hoodies, there could be a good opportunity for you.

So why should you be selling print on demand hoodies? Here are some of the top reasons and some tips for you.

1. Lower Investment Costs

Fashion is one of the highest investment costs that you can expect for a business. This is because you can expect stock costs to go high. You will need to buy stock in for several sizes and you can’t just order one. It is better to order half a dozen. That can be really expensive.

With POD hoodies, you can pay just for the product when it is ordered by the customer. Therefore, the costs for starting your business are much lower and more affordable. And you don’t need to invest in storage facilities or any shipping equipment.

2. Save Time

Another benefit is that you can save time by using a POD printer like Printful or Printify. They take care of all the shipping and fulfillment for you. With some additional charges, they can even brand the entire order for you so that it is sent out in customized packaging with your own labels.

The time saved by this can allow you to spend more time on your website’s marketing allows you to improve your website’s SEO and traffic levels.

3. Unique Designs

One of the best parts of print on demand is that you can customize the designs so that they are completely unique for your brand. Therefore you can become a fashion brand. Part of this can be that you can swap and change designs to make them sell better, remove designs that aren’t working and even have seasonal options.

You can create scarcity too by ensuring that the POD hoodies are only available for a limited time without running the risk of having left-over stock.

4. Good Profit Margins

Another benefit is that you can have really good profit margins. For print on demand, you should be looking at having profit margins of between 40 and 70%. This allows you to cover the costs of your website, insurance, utilities, etc. and give you enough profit to have a good standard of living.

In addition, profit margins at this level can help you run promotions like discount days and more.

5. Sell Complimentary Products

To help you earn more revenue, you should look at selling other products from your website. This can include other fashion items like shirts. Cross-selling is one of the best ways that you can earn more money and with some email marketing can help you retain more audience to get them to come back and purchase from you again.

Final Word: Why Sell Print on Demand Hoodies

Selling print on demand hoodies is one of the top options when it comes to selling online. Your designs can become popular and there are lots of opportunities for you to earn a good living from your home.

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