About shopify Theme detector

Shopify theme detector was created after realizing how many people there are out there that really want to build a website on their own, they see a great looking site and say to themselves: "I wonder what theme that site uses". Unfortunately, many website builders are not savvy web developers. Shopify theme Detector is these people's online solution.

With the rise of eCommerce in the world, especially after Covid-19, there is a huge rise in the need for platforms that will enable any ordinary Joe to build a fully functional eCommerce website. This is literally what Shopify brings to the table. Shopify has so many options that on the one hand will work excellent for a non web savvy person and on the other hand will work perfectly for multi million dollar corporations. Shopify's functionality has solutions for any type of user and site.

Due to that, many of us, savvy and non-savvy alike, check out online shops on a daily basis and when doing so, our entrepreneur minds start to work over time trying to figure out first, what we can build that will be similar to this site and after that we want to know how the shop was built, so we can find a similar platform and theme that we can use as well. This is where we come in.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find a site built with Shopify that you like
  2. Go to our Shopify theme detector site
  3. Enter the URL of that site in the tool and hit the "Detect Theme" button
  4. Click on the theme name when you see the results
  5. Signup to Shopify and choose the theme you just discovered
available on chrome