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Shopify Theme Detector - What Shopify Theme is that?

Have you ever seen a Shopify site (or store) and wondered what Shopify theme was used to build it? You are not alone. Thousands of people try detecting website themes on a daily basis, on several types of website systems. Shopify is no different. Now with our Shopify Detector, you can just enter the URL of the Shopify site you saw and we will let you know the Shopify theme that was used to build it.

As web developers, designers, dropshippers, Amazon or Ebay sellers, internet marketers or anyone else in the arena, we often see an interesting Shopify store and wonder how it was built. With our new "What Shopify Theme" tool you no longer have to wonder what Shopify theme was used to build a specific website. All you need to do is find a Shopify store that you really like, come to the "What Shopify Theme" tool, enter the site's URL and we will let you know what Shopify theme that site uses, so you can purchase it yourself and build a brand new Shopify eCommerce store.

Top Shopify Apps


Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App


Spocket-World Wide Suppliers

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

VITALS | 40+ apps in one

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SALES ROCKET ‑ 37 apps in one

SALES ROCKET ‑ 37 apps in one

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Disable Right Click FREE

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Storefront Pro for Shopify — Premium Theme

Storefront Pro for Shopify — Premium Theme

Avalanche for Shopify — Responsive Premium Theme

Avalanche for Shopify — Responsive Premium Theme

Pandora — Responsive Shopify HTML5 Theme

Pandora — Responsive Shopify HTML5 Theme

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Spa Treats Shopify Theme

Spa Treats Shopify Theme

Sushi - Food & Restaurant Shopify Theme

Sushi - Food & Restaurant Shopify Theme

Ultimate | Responsive Shopify Theme

Ultimate | Responsive Shopify Theme

What Shopify Theme is That Site Using?

The guessing game is over. You don't need to go through hundreds of Shopify themes and choose the best looking one, only to figure out it doesn't look or behave as good on your site. The next time you need to know what Shopify theme that site you just saw is using, just use our free Shopify Theme Detector tool and find out the answer within seconds.

So, What Shopify theme is that site using? Just use the tool and find out.

What Shopify Theme is This?

Detecting what Shopify Theme is being used is the first step in finding a theme (template) for your next website. There are literally thousands of Shopify themes to choose from, so the task could be really not easy. A great place to start is to find a Shopify site that you like and check what Shopify theme is being used. Once you have the answer to that question, you can start looking deeper.

Let's Find a Shopify Theme!

Once you have a chosen Shopify theme in mind, you can start checking out how it can accommodate your business model.

  • Are you planning on Dropshipping or managing your own inventory?
  • Are you going to have downloadable products?
  • How are you planning on doing shipping?
  • How are you going to charge your customers? PayPal? Credit cards?

Which Shopify Theme Should you Choose?

This is the million dollar question. In our many years of developing websites on several platforms, we see that no matter what theme you choose, in a matter of a year or two, you will start thinking of either changing it or making huge modifications to the existing one.

The Shopify Detector Way...

The Shopify detector way of choosing a template is a simple yet effective one. Think about it. We always look at tens if not hundreds of websites before deciding how to design a new site. So, instead of taking ideas from other sites and building it from scratch, why not just choose the same template that another site is using. It's out there and just waiting for you to choose it. Seeing it on a live site just shows you the actual potential that it has.

Once you Know What Theme That Site is Using

You're half way there. Now you start building your way into earning a living using Shopify.

Shopify Inspector

The need for a Shopify inspector tool might arise when deciding what Shopify theme to use for your newest dropshipping store or for your new T-shirt store. If you are a web designer, you might just want to inspect an existing Shopify store and detect what Theme it is using in order for you to choose the same one and make design changes and "make it your own".

Using a Shopify inspector tool is a unique approach to web design. Sometimes, all you really need is to inspect and detect what the competition is using and do it better. Shopify inspector is a great solution for those of you that are not internet savvy and have no idea where to start from. Just start from here. Look up your niche on SEMrush (30 day free trial), find interesting competitors, inspect and detect the theme they are using and pick the same for yourself.

  • What is a Shopify Theme?

    A Shopify theme is essentially what creates the specific design of a Shopify website, what gives you the ability to add specific information, etc. There are many Shopify themes to choose from. We have written about many of them. Go to our Shopify Themes section for more information.

  • What are Shopify Apps?

    Shopify apps are what give any gives Shopify website additional functionality. Shopify as a platform gives us the basics, but when you want anything more specific, we need to add an app for that. Some popular types of apps are:

  • What is the Best Theme on Shopify?

    That is a pretty difficult question to answer. Best is a matter of opinion and depends on what your exact needs are. So one's best Shopify theme will not necessarily be the best theme for the next. With that said, we have reviewed many Shopify themes on our blog based on your specific needs. Feel free to head over to the theme category on our blog for further information.

  • Is Shopify Legit?

    Short answer - yes. Absolutely.

    In a little bit more depth: Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world. At the time of writing this, Shopify's market share is 31% in the US alone, out of websites using eCommerce technologies. Meaning, every third online shop in the US is built with Shopify.

  • How to Find Out Which Shopify Theme a Website is Using?

    This is an easy one, since that's literally what this website does. In order to find out what Shopify theme a website is using, all you have to do is take the URL of the site you are interested in, put it in the form at the top of this page and click "detect theme".

    Within seconds you will know the name of the theme being used on any Shopify site.

  • What is the Shopify Theme Store?

    The Shopify theme store is an official store by Shopify where you can download themes for your Shopify shop from. Some of the themes in the Shopify theme store are officially built by Shopify and some of them are built by independent developers or developing companies. Some of the themes in the Shopify theme store are free, however a lot of them are paid themes.

    While this assumption cannot be checked very easily, usually the paid themes on the Shopify theme store give you much more functionality, so it's our warm recommendation that if you are serious about creating your shop, invest in a good premium (paid) Shopify theme.

  • How to Spot a Shopify Store?

    There are several ways to spot if a store is built on Shopify. One of them would to take a look at the code. Press CTRL+U or CTRL+Shift+I (On Windows) and them search (CTRL+F) and write "Shopify". If you find several occurrences, it's probably a Shopify Store. 

    Another option is to the tool at the top of this page. Put the URL in question in the form and if the shop is built on Shopify we will also give you some additional information such as the theme name.

  • How to Find Shopify Theme?

    There are many ways to find a Shopify theme. You can use the Shopify theme store, you can find many themes on some Shopify theme supplier websites, and of course you can read recommendations about Shopify themes on this site/blog.

  • How to Find a Shopify Theme

    A Shopify theme can be found in many ways. You can find a Shopify theme by detecting the theme used by other companies and using the same one, you can go to the Shopify theme store and choose a theme or even head over to one of the big Shopify theme suppliers and choose one from there. As you see, there are many options for you to choose from. 

  • How Many Sites are Built With Shopify?

    As of the beginning of 2021, the market share of Shopify in the US is approximately 31% out of websites running eCommerce. So if there are a million online shops in the US, that would mean that 310,000 of them are built with Shopify. But in reality those aren't the numbers. Last actual information found that there are over 1M Shopify stores around the globe (and rising). 

  • Is Shopify Free?

    Shopify is not free. With that said, there is a 14 day trial whenever you sign up to Shopify, in order to enable you to try it out before you commit to using it. 

  • Are there Free Shopify Themes?

    There are Shopify themes that you can use from various sources. One of the sources is the Shopify theme store. Within the Shopify theme store, some of the themes are indeed free. With that said, most of the Shopify themes are actually paid/premium themes that come with many more features than the free ones. So, even though there are free Shopify themes, you would probably want to consider paying for one that will give you much better results and will be well worth its price.

  • How to Detect what Shopify Theme is Being Used?

    Shopify sites can use numerous themes that can be bought on the Shopify Theme store as well as privately on other theme selling websites or dedicated websites. Some of these themes look similar and page builders can change the basic look of the theme. Therefore, it can be hard to tell what theme another store is using, however, Shopthemedetector can do this with ease.

  • What is Shopify?

    Shopify is a Content Management System that is specifically designed to allow anyone, with or without experience, the chance to build an online store. Shopify uses its own framework to create the eCommerce design that allows you to build a website, display products, take payments and manage orders from a simple dashboard.

  • How Does Shopify Work?

    Shopify works by providing you with the tools necessary to build your website. You can enhance your website by buying themes and apps to add functionality to your website. When a customer places an order on your website, you can then manage that order by ordering the products (if dropshipping) or shipping them out yourself.

  • How Much Does Shopify Cost?

    There are several plans that you can use on Shopify. If you’re looking for a website you can use the 14 day free trial and then you can decide on what package you would like. Packages start from $29 per month for the most basic package but can cost $299 per month for the most advanced package. In addition to this, there are app charges and transaction fees.

  • How to Use Shopify

    Shopify is very easy to use. All you need to do is access your website via a Shopify login page. Then you will be directed to the admin page. From here you can make changes to your website’s design, text and more as well as updating your products, managing orders and change other settings.

  • What Does Shopify Do?

    Shopify offers an environment that allows you to sell your products/services on the internet. The environment is a Content Management System that is built in its own language. Using the Shopify environment, you can choose a design, add products and take payments from your customers. You can then manage your orders with ease.

  • How to Sell on Shopify

    You sell on Shopify like any other eCommerce platform/website. You create a store and then list the products that you have for sale. Customers can then add these to their virtual cart and make a payment using a payment gateway. This easy to understand selling technique is responsible for more than $5.1 billion worth of sales, and counting.

  • Why Should I Use Shopthemedetector.com?

    Shopthemedetector.com is a tool that can help you see what competitors are using as their themes and apps. This can help you determine what elements you can use to make your business a success. This can include what theme they’re using or what apps they’ve subscribed to. With so many apps available, this can be very useful in saving you lots of time.

  • How to Set Up a Shopify Store

    Setting up a Shopify store is very easy. All you need to do is to sign up for a Shopify account and then you will be taken through the steps to create your website. The process will take you through account information, design of your website, adding products, payment details, shipping details and more.

  • How to Dropship on Shopify

    Dropshipping is very simple on Shopify. You can use an app, like Oberlo, that can help you find products that can dropship. These apps can help you find the products on the sites and then import them into your website with ease. You can then customize the products, set up payment information and manage orders.

  • How to Make Money on Shopify

    There are numerous ways that you can make money on Shopify. The principle option is to add products to your website and then sell them to customers. Otherwise, you can use dropshipping to sell products, use affiliate schemes to make money or use advertising space on your site to make money. You can also sell services.

  • How to Start a Shopify Store

    Starting a Shopify store is very easy. The first thing that you should do is to create a Shopify account. You can then start a new project that will be turned into your Shopify store. This will include having your URL, branding and website design. You will also need to add your products, text and pictures to the website.

  • How to Add Products to Shopify

    Adding products to Shopify is really easy. The first thing you need to do is to log into your Shopify store and then head to your ‘Products’ and then ‘All Products’. From there you can click on the ‘Add Product’. Then you can add your new product to the website which can include text, metadata, images and more.

  • Can Shopthemedetector.com get Competitor Stats?

    Yes, Shopthemedetector.com has several statistics that are available for all kinds of niches. This can help you build a solid amount of information about your competitors. Then you can see what your competitors are doing and find opportunities where you can out-compete with them and earn more profit by reducing costs and improving revenues.

  • Is Shopify Worth It?

    Shopify is very valuable when it comes to building an eCommerce website. The growth on Shopify has been steady over the past few years with most years seeing growth of about 70-80%. Shopify is an easy to use system that has good potential for high ranking on Google and other search engines, as well as conversions.

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