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10 Best Icon Shopify Theme Alternatives  – [2023]

10 Best Icon Shopify Theme Alternatives – [2023]

Last modified: December 7, 2022

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Icon is a fast parallax theme that is great for high-resolution images, but it isn’t the theme for everyone. There are some limitations and there are some features that you might not enjoy and would rather move to an Icon Shopify theme alternative.

Why Move to an Icon Shopify Theme Alternative

There are many reasons why you might want to have an Icon Shopify theme alternative. The first is that you might want to upgrade your Shopify theme to add more features that can help you sell more on your website. Or you might want to rid yourself of a feature on Icon that you don’t use and find annoying that it is there.

There are lots of different themes that you can use on Shopify. Many have a range of features, functions and styles that can be suitable for your needs. Those that are featured on this list are perfect for those in many different niches.

In terms of functions, you want to ensure that the three core: speed, website ranking and conversions are met. All of the themes on this list offer good rewards in these areas.

Speed is required because it is directly related to ranking and conversions. Websites that load fast will rank higher and conversions will also be greater. Research has shown that for every second that it takes for your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. That can be disastrous for those brands that take an average of between 8 and 11 seconds to load. Just cutting loading times to four seconds can double revenues.

In addition, ranking on search engines is vital. The higher you’ve ranked the more traffic you will get. The difference between the first and last place on the first page of Google can result in 30 times more traffic for those at the top spot.

Finally, you want conversions on your website. Conversions are how many people who access your website will become a customer. The higher your conversions, the more money you get without attracting more traffic. There are lots of tools available that can help you here. For instance, there are countdown timers, swatches and more.

So what is the 10 best Icon Shopify theme alternative? Here is a list of ten potential solutions.

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Boundless is a perfect free theme that has lots of premium features included. It is a minimalist theme that has sticky navigation that allows a menu to stay at the top of the browser as the customer scrolls down. This reduces the rate at which customers abandon a store and can improve conversions on your website.

The images on this website can be uploaded and displayed in high resolution. Then you can showcase your products in great detail to help your customers improve their decision-making process. There is also a great, professional homepage slider that can help you to feature the best products on your website. Or you can use the slider to deliver brand messages quickly.

There are also options to add a video to your front page. This can help with ranking on Google and also convert more of your audience. The video will be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo to protect your website’s speed.

Boundless Highlights:

  • This is one of the best free themes available and can be used on any niche/brand.
  • The professional design will impress guests, visitors and customers to your website.
  • High-resolution images can be used to promote your products in more detail.
  • Add a video to your homepage to bring your website to life.

Final Word: Which of these 10 is the Best Icon Shopify Theme Alternative

If you want to have an Icon Shopify theme alternative, then there are lots of options. Above are ten of the best that you can immediately use to make your website better. Which one will you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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