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The Best SEO App For Shopify

Last modified: April 22, 2021

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Anyone who has been operating a website for a long time knows that search engine optimization isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Many small businesses succeed or fail based on their traffic flow from Google and other search engines. When as much as four out of every five visitors to your website can come from search engines, you need to start ranking.

You should also look at getting in the top three results of any search result. This is where the most traffic goes. Anything positioned outside the top three gets very little traffic, if any at all.

Why You Need To Use The Best SEO App For Shopify

The problem is that SEO requirements are always changing. In the beginning, the number of keywords, their density in your content and the number of inbound links was very important. That all changed when certain unscrupulous brands decided to abuse the system. Now Google uses over 200 factors to calculate where your position should be on Google Search Results.

This can be very hard to keep track of, especially as small changes to the algorithm are made daily and big changes happen every couple of months. In addition, there is a lot of bad advice online on how you can improve your ranking.

Only by using one of the best SEO Apps for Shopify can you be sure that your site has a chance of ranking. And the higher you rank, the better your traffic and the more revenue you’ll generate on your website.

So, what is the best SEO app for Shopify? Here are some of the contenders.

Filter between free and paid


Plug In SEO

Plug In SEO

This SEO app is one of the best for those that don’t want to spend lots of time on their website’s SEO or already have a fair knowledge of SEO. This basic app allows you to assess your website’s current SEO score and provides advice on the fixes you need to implement. You can also receive alerts via email.

There is a pro version that implements improvements automatically, offers better support and can add structured data for even higher rankings.


  • A free plan to help you get started.

  • Simple instructions to fix SEO problems on site.

  • Excellent customer support.

  • A little basic, so only for those that don’t want to spend much time on SEO, or have SEO skills already.

SEO Image Optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer

While the focus on this app is most definitely images, it does have a lot of features that also help with your SEO. According to statistics, over 50,000 use this app to optimize their images for search engines, which is a really important factor.

However, the site doesn’t just check images for size. It also looks at their alt-tags and other elements to make sure images can be found. In addition, you can view SEO scores for your whole site. When you upgrade to a pro-plan, for $19.99 a month, you can also get more SEO functions including automatic SEO updates and fixes.


  • No coding skill required to install and use this Shopify SEO app.

  • One click install.

  • Helps to optimize images for your Shopify store.

  • More SEO options require the pay-for plan.

SEO Images All-In-One SEO

SEO Images All-In-One SEO

You can update all of your vital alt tags, product meta titles and other details for free. Most features are included in the free plan which is brilliant. You can also optimize images, which can help to improve page speed and your site’s ranking on search engines. It isn’t just the size that is optimized with this app, you can also align the photos.

What this app really excels in is the intelligent keyword generation tools. Google scans photos on your site and then can rename them according to a highly popular keyword related to the image.


  • Has a free plan that contains most of the features.

  • Can update all your pages in bulk.

  • Lots of premium subscriptions that will suit the size of your store.

  • Complaints about customer service on Shopify store.

SEO Assistant by Buymaxx

SEO Assistant by Buymaxx

This SEO app allows you to specify how you would like the Meta titles and descriptions for your pages to look automatically. This will help you increase the rankings of pages on search engines quickly and with limited work as all products can be done on autopilot by this app. The processing power of this app is amazing with even large stores able to optimize their product pages quickly.

However, there aren’t many other functions on the SEO app. For instance, there isn’t an optimization tool or a competitor monitor for you to look at. Therefore, if you want anything more than the basic SEO skills then you might need to look elsewhere.


  • Automatically change meta data on thousands of products.

  • Places product descriptions on automatic.

  • Free app able to help you with your SEO quickly.

  • Need some technical knowledge to make best use of the app.

Final Thoughts: What Is The Best SEO App For Shopify For You?

There are a number of options that can claim to be the best SEO app For Shopify. Most of these have some great features that can help your Shopify store to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

It is important to know what your site needs and whether you have any talents. Those with more SEO skills might be able to benefit from more technical apps while those who are new to website management should be guided more towards the apps that need less technical knowledge.

  • How to Set Up SEO for Shopify

    There are many ways that you can set up SEO for Shopify. There are meta fields that you can edit on each page. This can be done for the page and for every single image on your website. In addition, keyword optimization doesn’t need any specific changes, just your writing. There are also apps that can help you improve your site’s SEO.

  • Does Shopify Have Good SEO?

    No CMS, like Shopify, offers perfect SEO solutions. Most platforms require additional software for your website to rank properly. Shopify is no different. However, Shopify does have several benefits that other systems like WordPress don’t have and that is the speed of the servers with the CDN. But you will still need to have SEO apps to improve optimization for images, pages and speed.

  • Is Shopify SEO Friendly?

    Shopify is SEO friendly. It uses servers that offer fast loading times and Content Delivery Networks that allow for your sites to load on a browser in little to no time. They also have lots of different features that can help you improve the metadata of your website. Despite this, for top ranking, you will need to use SEO apps.

  • What Is the Best SEO App for Shopify?

    There is no one definitive SEO App that can be considered the best on Shopify. Numerous options are available that can help you build your business’ profile on Google and other search engines. In some cases you might need to have more than one SEO app. It all depends on your specific needs and competence with technology.

  • Do Shopify Tags Help SEO?

    Tags are an important aspect of managing your Shopify products. They can help differentiate between products, collections and more. While they make it easier to manage products, product tags don’t do much for your website’s SEO. The tags might make a different if you use them on your product page if they’re displayed.

  • Does Shopify do SEO?

    Shopify doesn’t offer SEO services themselves. But there are several features that are great for SEO that you can get right out of the box. They also offer several different apps and links to commercial SEO services that can help you rank on Google and other search engines. These can be cost-effective and successful.

  • Does Shopify Have SEO?

    Shopify has several aspects that can help your store rank on Google and other search engines. For instance, there is a Content Delivery Network, mobile-friendly themes and more that can help your business build a website that can have higher organic ratings. In addition, there are several SEO apps that can help you improve your performance on search engines.

  • Does Shopify Help With SEO?

    Shopify doesn’t have active SEO support for any website it hosts, but it does have passive support. For instance, there are Content Delivery Network systems, high-speed servers and features within the website building tools that can help you with SEO. If you want more support with your SEO, an app or a third-party are the best options.

  • How to Boost SEO on Shopify

    There are several options for you to boost SEO on your Shopify store. For one, you should optimize your website with relevant keywords. Also, you should publish blog posts more than 15 times a month and increase the number of inbound and internal links. Finally, you might want to consider getting support through some of the SEO apps that are available.

  • How to Edit SEO on Shopify

    There are numerous ways to edit the SEO on a Shopify site. You can change the site, blog or collection name. You can also change the descriptions for the page, images and more. You can also use apps that can help you edit metadata and other aspects of your SEO for better rankings on Google and other pages.

  • Is Shopify Bad for SEO?

    No. Shopify is not bad for SEO, there are plenty of tools and features within the core programming of the CMS that enables you to rank higher on Google and other search engines easily. The trouble with Shopify and SEO is that you need to get some technical skills to get the best results from Shopify without SEO apps.

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