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Top 10 Shopify Amazon Product Feed Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Are you looking to have your Shopify store used as a shop front for Amazon products? Amazon offers a very comprehensive affiliate package that allows you to sell products that are on Amazon and collect a commission while Amazon fulfils the order for you. For this, you might want to use one of the Shopify Amazon product feed apps.

What can Shopify Amazon Product Feed Apps do for Your Store?

Shopify Amazon product feed apps allows you to showcase a selection of Amazon products on your Shopify store. The customer then buys these products from Amazon via your website and you get a commission. Sometimes, the customer is taken to the checkout page on Amazon.

Therefore, you don’t have to touch the product, shipping or other element of the process. You just market the product and sell it through your store to get the commission. The advantage of this system is that the product can often change on Amazon, and this can cause problems if you’re using information you’ve just copied with a custom button affiliate link. These apps can do all the work for you and keep the data up-to-date.

Some other apps might allow you to copy the products from Amazon onto your store, make small adjustments to your site’s content and sometimes you can even sell the products yourself. But for this you will need to have the products yourself to sell. You can’t expect to be able to buy the product yourself from Amazon. You might find that the product is gone and you’ll disappoint your customers.

So, what are the best Shopify product feed apps for your store? Here are some of the best options we’ve seen.

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Multichannel Importer

Multichannel Importer

The multichannel importer is a very comprehensive app that does more than just import products from an eCommerce channel. It allows you to import products from numerous sources at one time, including Amazon, eBay and more. All the details for the products can be imported in one action. The imports can include product descriptions, images, inventory, price and other important aspects that can help you sell the products.

When products have been imported into your website, they’re instantly available to be bought by customers. And you can have numerous images attached to products, this can improve conversion rates and reduce returned items as customers can see more clearly what they’re getting and expectations are set better.

You can synchronize all prices and stock levels with the merchants that sell the products. Therefore, you can never sell more than you can provide to customers. So you won’t upset customers and give your brand a bad name. All synchronization can be done on a daily basis, to keep your website up-to-date.

Multichannel Importer Highlights:

  • You can manage and fulfill orders with Fulfilled by Amazon system.
  • Can import from numerous different marketplaces, not just Amazon.
  • Synchronize all the stock levels of your products every day,
  • Free to install the app on your site, there are costs which are applied during certain processes.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Amazon Product Feed Apps

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace online. There are millions of products hosting on the sites and you can use these, through the Affiliate marketing schemes or dropshipping programs to grow your business without having to do too much work. Use one of the top Shopify Amazon product feed apps above to help you take that step and grow your business with ease.

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