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The 13 Best Shopify Bulk Discount Apps  – [2023]

The 13 Best Shopify Bulk Discount Apps – [2023]

Last modified: February 9, 2023

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Discounts are a great way that you can entice guests on your store to complete a transaction. The first transaction is always the hardest to get as well. Once an order has been placed with you and you’ve delivered it successfully, then the chances of the customer ordering from you again are increased. Using bulk discounts is a great way to apply discounts when customers are ordering more than one of the same product. For this, you need to use one of the Shopify bulk discount apps.

What Will Shopify Bulk Discount Apps Offer Your Store?

Bulk discounts are a great way for you to improve the order value when transactions are made on your store. For instance, if you sell one item, you might charge $9.99 for the unit, but when you sell two of the same item in the same transaction, the cost can be reduced to $9.49 per unit. Then, as they buy more, the discounts add up.

This tiered pricing is really useful because people will feel that they’re getting a deal and will fear missing out on savings. Therefore, they will add more to their basket, increasing the order value and the amount they buy from you.

While you’re getting less for each unit sold, generally speaking, the amount of profit you can make on each order should increase. So, here are some of the top Shopify bulk discount apps that you can use on your store.

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Discounts & Quantity Breaks

Discounts & Quantity Breaks

This app is one of the best apps if you sell in many different territories that might have different currencies and you use Shopify’s native currency converter on your store. The app works straight after installation and is compatible with most themes and AJAX carts. It takes just a few minutes to get your discounts up and running. You can add tiered pricing levels or quantity breaks to any product or collection.

You can also apply discounts in a variety of ways. For instance, you can discount the whole of the cart, or just the products within the offer. When the customer is on the cart page, you can display how much money the customer is due to save on their purchases. This is a great way to build trust with the audience and convert more.

To help you blend the functions of the app into your store, there is a style editor that helps you customize your pricing tables. And you can see how well your store’s discounts are performing through a detailed analytics section within the Shopify admin area.

While there is a free plan for this app, most of the features are locked into the premium plan. So we’ve reviewed and recommended the premium version.

Discounts & Quantity Breaks Highlights:

  • Free and super-fast support for all those using this app. They guarantee a response to any question within one business day.
  • Individual variants purchased can be discounted, for example when they buy six blue shirts.
  • Can choose to discount entire carts or just selected products.
  • A free plan is available, but the premium plan is much better.

PE (Discount & Price Editor)

PE (Discount & Price Editor)

This app is another that allows you to save time when adjusting pricing and discount levels by being able to do it in bulk. You can set price and discount changes to your products/collections or an entire store within minutes and can do so via a percentage or through a set amount. You can also use different operations to change the product prices (add, subtract, divide or multiply). And you can search for specific products to check pricing levels with a simple to use search bar.

The app makes it easy to run specific discount weekends. You can offer a lower price for a certain period of time and then, with a click of a button, reset the prices back to their original level. This is a great operation for Flash Sales, for example.

The app is easy to setup. You don’t need any coding skills to install or operate. And with seamless navigation across the apps administration, you can start adding discounts and price changes within just a few clicks.

PE (Discount & Price Editor) Highlights:

  • Start adding discounts and price changes to your store in bulk.
  • Easy to make discounts applicable across your store, collection or to a single product.
  • No coding skills or developers needed to get the app to work.
  • Free plan available, but there is also a premium version.

Final Word: Top 13 Shopify Bulk Discount Apps

Adding bulk discounting to your store is a great way to encourage sales. They tell customers that you’re serious about selling to them and willing to offer them deals if they’re going to spend more with you. This will help increase average order values across your store. There are several Shopify bulk discount apps that are available, which one you use is up to you.

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