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Top 10 Shopify Catalog Apps

Last modified: September 7, 2020


There’s still a lot of advantages to catalogs for helping you build a profitable business online. There are numerous ways to add a catalog to your store, and one of the best ways is to use one of the many Shopify catalog apps available.

What Are Shopify Catalog Apps?

Shopify catalog apps allow you to transform your online store of products into a catalog style listing. This can be done digitally, where customers can ‘turn’ a page to get to more products on your store.

Alternatively, you can have Shopify catalog apps that turn product listings into a PDF file that customers can download and look at. This can be beneficial for you in several ways. For one, it allows for your store to be taken offline. You have a quick and easy way to have a brochure for your store which can be sent to customers via post. It also allows your customers to download your listings and then shop offline.

This can improve the number of orders that are made on your store, conversion rates and reduce returns by giving customers a chance to assess what they really want. There is also something to be said about the old-style shopping experience that customers love.

There are several Shopify catalog apps that you can install on your site. Here are our favorites.

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Panda Catalog

Panda Catalog

Create PDF catalogs with ease and for free with this Shopify catalog app. It is great for selling product information to potential customers and potentially improves conversions on your store. You can sign up to the app with just one click and install it on your store. Then with another click you can create a PDF catalog that can be printed and sent to your store. Or have a copy of the PDF on your website that is available for download by visitors to your site.

If you want more functionality, then you have to upgrade your subscription to one of the premium options. This includes three ready-to-use themes that can be applied to fashion, jewelry and apparel stores with ease. You can then customize these catalog designs with unique fonts, colors, and by adding your branding to the document.

To help organize your PDF catalog, you can index them using collections, vendor or type. And you can add professionalism to your document with a cover page for each collection that can include a featured image and description. You can also add an ‘About’ page to let customers know more about your branding, improving the emotional pull to your brand.

You can also have flexible pricing within your catalog. You can choose whether any prices are displayed and if you offer a discount for the catalog. For those who want to publish lots of different catalogs, you can have more than 100 kept saved on the system for future use.

Panda Catalog Highlights:

  • Free and premium versions of the software, giving you more freedom for keeping costs down.
  • Three premium styles you can use and style for your own branding.
  • Index pages for better organization of the catalog and include a beautiful cover page for each object.
  • Change how prices are displayed on your catalog, including having unique prices for your physical catalog.

HTML5 Flipbook

HTML5 Flipbook

This app is based on HTML5 technology and allows you to make the content on your website look like a real magazine or book. The end result is an interactive flipbook that can contain dynamic content, including videos, maps, products, clicking, text and buttons as well as other elements. It can look impressive and help you to convert more visitors on your store into customers.

The app allows you to create a flipbook from several sources including PDF, images, products on your store, pages on your store. This can then be displayed on your website. There are lots of options that help you build a strong present including GeoLocation targeting, device targeting and more.

You can also display numerous flipbooks on your website and can work across devices.

HTML5 Flipbook Highlights:

  • Create a flipbook from numerous different sources of content.
  • Display numerous flipbooks on any page.
  • Can use GeoLocation, device and other targeting options.
  • Impressive building.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Catalog Apps

Whether you’re looking to deal with wholesale customers or looking to have a more interactive option on your website, catalogs are a great option. To create a catalog on your website you will need one of the top Shopify Catalog apps that are listed above. All of these are great options, but have slightly different audiences that they cater for. The choice of which one you download will be yours, so which option will you install?

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