Which Is The Top Shopify Mobile App Builder? Here Are 10 Options

Which Is The Top Shopify Mobile App Builder? Here Are 10 Options

Last modified: January 3, 2020


When it comes to website traffic, more than half of all traffic comes from mobile users. This causes some problems. Websites, especially large eCommerce stores, can sometimes have lots of data that takes time to download and sometimes, web browsing can be painful for customers.

That is why you need to have a Shopify Mobile app builder. This can help you get a mobile app for your store that makes it easier to shop on your store or even provide easier access to features on your store.

What Features Do You Need For A Shopify Mobile App Builder?

There are many features that are necessary for a Shopify mobile app builder. You want it to be able to showcase products, take payments and support analytics. Apps should offer a better experience for audiences on your site. Research has shown that about 70% of Shopify store visitors are using a mobile and an app can help increase conversions threefold.

A feature that you should definitely be looking to add is the push notification marketing avenue. This is when customers are reminded of brand by messages sent via the app to their mobile device. This can include new products, sales and potential discounts they could take advantage of. This is a great way to market to existing customers.

While many people think that a shopify mobile app builder will require a lot of technical skills, many of the apps don’t require any knowledge or skill. Therefore, you can build a great mobile app for your brand easily. Then you can get it to customers who will prefer to use an app.

So, what is the best Shopify Mobile app builder on the market?

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Final Word: Which Is The Top Shopify Mobile App Builder?

The top Shopify mobile app builder is a hard choice. There are so many great options. The only thing that is known, is that if you don’t have an app yet, you’ll need one. More customers are using mobile apps to make purchasing decisions and complete transactions. So, to reach the next level as an online retailer, be sure that you’re using one the top Shopify mobile app builders as mentioned above.

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