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The 10 Best Shopify Product Sorting Apps

Last modified: June 21, 2021

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Did you know that how a customer reads a printed marketing material piece and a website is completely different? Viewing online has a specific trend that is predictable, but without the proper knowledge, research and understanding can place your profits in harm’s way. And when you have that knowledge, you’ll understand why you will need one of the Shopify product sorting apps.

Why do you Need One of the Best Shopify Product Sorting Apps?

Online visitors don’t read a website like they would a book. There are specific areas of the screen that they focus the majority of their time on. These hot spots on the website are important as they can make or break conversions on your website. If you can use one of the Shopify product sorting apps, then you can place the best, more profitable and high demand products into the key locations on the shop and collection pages.

The locations that are more seen on a website are the very top and the far left of the screen. Therefore, you want to ensure that you’re placing the best products for your business there. There are numerous products that you might want to place in these locations. For instance, you will want to ensure that those with five-star reviews are located in this area. You might also want convenience/impulse purchases at these locations. Or you might want to place your high earners/high-profit margin products in these locations.

Whatever choice you make, there are going to be products that should not be there. For instance, you will want to have products out of stock, with low ratings and low-profit margins away from these areas. You also might want to rearrange collections based on the personalized behaviors of customers. This can be a great way to improve interactions and engagement as well as maintain customer retention.

In addition, you might want to allow customers to sort the products on the page. They can rearrange the products based on their preference whether that is price, rating, availability or another factor. This can be a good way to enhance the experience of the shopper and improve conversions on your website.

Using one of the Shopify product sorting apps can allow you to rearrange the products on a shop or collection. So what are the best options? Here is a list of some of the best apps for you to consider.

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Infinite Product Options

Infinite Product Options

This app is about complete control over your products. You can add new product addons to your products like $5 gift wrapping or $15 rush processing surcharges that can help you increase profitability and offer a more pleasing experience to customers. You’re also able to have products edited in bulk on the website.

The app comes with free installation support, regardless of the level of subscription that you choose and how big a merchant you are. Then you can edit the option sets and update all the products in one go. You can add additional product options with a drop-down, swatches, checkbox, radio button, file upload and more.

You’re able to sort the products so you can ensure that the products you have with the variants are displayed correctly on the site. This can save you from getting orders from variants that you don’t have in stock at the moment. In addition, this app allows you to import and export options in bulk to improve accuracy and for sorting the options into the right details.

Infinite Product Options Highlights:

  • Add new product options on your products, instead of listing them as different products.
  • Improves the average cart value of your products.
  • Great for listing a large catalog that has lots of products with variations.
  • Allows for lots of different ways to select what variant is required by the customer.

Final Word: The 10 Best Shopify Product Sorting Apps

There are numerous ways that you can increase revenues on your website. One of them is by learning how customers read a website and using that knowledge to locate your products in the best locations. To help you, you can use one of the best Shopify product sorting apps, like those listed above. Which app will you use?

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