10 Best Shopify Sticky Add To Cart Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Sticky Add To Cart Apps – [2024]

Last modified: October 23, 2023

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# Image Name
Fly To Cart Animation Effect
Fly To Cart Animation Effect
Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart + Drawer
Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart + Drawer
Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO
Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO
Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart
Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart
Sticky Add to Cart Button PRO
Sticky Add to Cart Button PRO
Sticky Cart by Uplinkly
Sticky Cart by Uplinkly
Sticky Add to Cart + Animation
Sticky Add to Cart + Animation
Sticky Cart by qikify
Sticky Cart by qikify
Flocart ‑ Sticky Add To Cart
Flocart ‑ Sticky Add To Cart
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One of the biggest reasons why order values aren’t as high as they could be is because website visitors aren’t encouraged enough to add products to the cart. There are numerous reasons for this and it would take more than one Shopify App to fix the issue. However, there is one tactic that is often ignored: making the add-to-cart button more visible.

There are things that you can do about this. For one, you could use a cart animator. These are very useful, but once the add-to-cart buy button has disappeared, the benefit is lost. Another option is to use a Shopify sticky add-to-cart app. This is where your add-to-cart button moves down the page as your user scrolls so it always visible.

This has been proven to grow your sales and increase revenues and profits.

What Are The Benefits Of The Shopify Sticky Add To Cart Apps?

There are numerous benefits of the Shopify sticky add-to-cart apps. For one, it increases the conversion rate. Another is that it makes the shopping experience much better for the visitor. The happier they are the more likely they are to spend more with you and more frequently.

Another benefit is that you can have longer, better descriptions that can help increase sales more.

Key Takeaways
Sticky Add to Cart apps enhance the visibility of the add-to-cart button, encouraging more purchases.
These apps can increase conversion rates by making the shopping experience more user-friendly.
A sticky add-to-cart button allows for longer, detailed product descriptions without losing the purchase CTA.

Top Apps We Recommend For A Shopify Add-To-Cart Button

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Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart + Drawer

Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart + Drawer

This cart button animation app will help you to increase customer conversions through many different features. The first is the fly-to-cart animation that makes the product fly from the image into their cart. This will wow customers and looks really impressive on a site. The app also redirects the customer to the cart page immediately after the product has been successfully added to the cart.

And you can increase the chances that the customer will see this by having a sticky add to cart bar and button on your product pages. These are really effective when you have product pages that are long, with a great story or lots of product description to explain the benefits of your brand to the audience.

In addition to this, the cart can be displayed whether the customer goes with the stick cart. The floating cart is displayed on all product page. This will display the item and the quantity that the customer has added to their cart. You can customize the look of the sticky cart with different colors for the background, text and change the icons to make the cart more aligned to your brand.

Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart + Drawer Highlights:

  • A fantastic app that is free for Shopify store owners.
  • Has lots of functionality that can help increase sales and conversions.
  • A nice animation that improves the engagement rate of your store.
  • Sticky add-to-cart buttons to increase conversions.

Sticky Add to Cart + Animation

Sticky Add to Cart + Animation

This free app is highly rated by users and it really does help you sell more on your website. When you have a long description page for products, the add-to-cart button will disappear. This can lead to customers bouncing from your store and lost sales for you. This app can prevent this. The sticky add-to-cart function in this app will keep your add-to-cart button on-screen and increase the chance that users will click on it.

The add-to-cart button can also be customized to closely match your brand, making it seem more integrated with your store. And the app also includes animations that can be applied to the add-to-cart button that can wow customers, improve engagement and give shoppers a great experience.

When items are added to cart, a confirmation bar appears telling customers what has been added. This can be reassuring for customers and if items are out of stock, there is another ‘out of stock’ bar that will appear. With all the features included within the app, your checkout process can be vastly sped up.

This can help with improving conversions and reducing abandoned cart rates.
Sticky Add to Cart and Animations is also mobile responsive, making it the perfect option for all stores and especially those who get a lot of traffic from mobile traffic.

Sticky Add to Cart + Animation Highlights:

  • A free app that helps with conversions and reduces cart abandonment.
  • Fully customize your sticky add-to-cart button so it can match your store’s branding.
  • Keep the customers attention with aesthetically pleasing animations.
  • Mobile friendly design that will display the add-to-cart button perfectly on all devices/screen resolutions.
Keep Reading

Enhancing User Experience with Shopify Sticky Add-to-Cart Apps

Key Features to Consider

When selecting a sticky add-to-cart app for your Shopify store, it’s essential to consider features that enhance the user experience and boost conversions. Quick installation and ease of use are paramount, ensuring that the integration process is seamless and doesn’t interrupt the shopping experience.

The app should offer variable display conditions, allowing customization to fit various store themes and products. Redirect options are also crucial, guiding customers through a streamlined journey from product selection to checkout.

Customization and Aesthetics

The physical appearance of the sticky add-to-cart button plays a significant role in its effectiveness. Customizable buttons that can be tailored to match your store’s theme and branding are essential.

Look for apps that offer a range of aesthetic and functional customizations, including animations and different display styles, to captivate shoppers’ attention and encourage them to proceed to checkout.

Boosting Conversion Rates

A well-designed sticky add-to-cart app can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversions. By making the add-to-cart and checkout processes more accessible and user-friendly, these apps ensure that customers have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

Look for features like one-click add-to-cart options and streamlined checkout processes to keep customers engaged and reduce the steps to complete a purchase.

Optimizing for Performance and Functionality with Shopify Sticky Add-to-Cart Apps

Integration and Compatibility

Integration with other Shopify apps and features is another critical aspect to consider. An ideal sticky add-to-cart app should work seamlessly with various Shopify themes and be compatible with other apps to enhance functionality.

Look for apps that offer easy integration options and don’t require extensive coding or technical knowledge to implement.

Support and Reliability

Reliable customer support is essential for addressing any issues or queries that arise during the use of the app. Choose apps backed by responsive and knowledgeable support teams ready to assist with installation, customization, and troubleshooting.

Reading reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the quality of customer service offered by the app developers.

Value for Money

While there are free sticky add-to-cart apps available, it’s essential to weigh the features and benefits against the cost. Consider the app’s pricing structure, and evaluate whether the features offered provide value for money.

Opt for apps that offer a balance of quality features and affordability to maximize the return on investment for your Shopify store.

Conclusion: Top 10 Shopify Sticky Add To Cart Apps

When you want to increase conversions there are lots of options available. However, don’t ignore adding a Shopify sticky add-to-cart button/bar to your website. This can make the whole transaction easier for your website visitors and improve your brand’s image. The above 11 apps are great options, so which will you choose?

  • How does a sticky add-to-cart button influence the customer’s shopping journey?

    The sticky button streamlines shopping by offering an ever-present, easy checkout option, reducing purchase steps and cart abandonment rates. Its visibility prompts customers to finalize their purchases, driving higher conversions and sales.

  • What role does integration play in the effectiveness of sticky add-to-cart apps?

    Seamless integration with Shopify apps and themes is crucial for a well-functioning sticky button. It should be user-friendly, requiring minimal coding or technical expertise, to optimize the sales process for store owners.

  • How can sticky add-to-cart buttons be customized to fit the brand’s aesthetic?

    Customize these buttons to match your store’s theme and branding by changing their color, size, and style. This enhances the visual appeal and functionality, encouraging more customers to proceed to checkout while maintaining brand consistency.

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