12 Best Shopify Video Maker Apps [Jun, 2024]
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12 Best Shopify Video Maker Apps [Jun, 2024]

Last modified: June 1, 2024

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Promo.com ‑ Promo Video Maker
Promo.com ‑ Promo Video Maker
Text Video Maker by Typito
Text Video Maker by Typito
Instant Product Video Ad Maker
Instant Product Video Ad Maker
Videofy ‑ Make Product Videos
Videofy ‑ Make Product Videos
YouTube + Vimeo Video Gallery
YouTube + Vimeo Video Gallery
Easy Video ‑ Product Videos
Easy Video ‑ Product Videos
YouTube + Vimeo Video Gallery - Inactive
YouTube + Vimeo Video Gallery - Inactive
Octovid - Inactive
Octovid - Inactive
Vizard - Inactive
Vizard - Inactive
YouTube + Vimeo Video Slider
YouTube + Vimeo Video Slider
Shop Video Maker
Shop Video Maker
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When it comes to improving conversions on your website nothing performs better than adding a video. Videos can be lifestyle-based, showing how your products/services improve the lives of buyers, or product-based, showcasing features and benefits. However, if you don’t have great video software, you can use a Shopify video maker.

What Is A Shopify Video Maker?

A Shopify video maker is a tool that can take current images, those uploaded, text, and sometimes audio to create a video. This can then be placed on your website, often on a product page, to increase engagement, build trust, and increase conversions.

There are a few great video makers on the Shopify app market. Some of these are free or have free plans, and others require a regular subscription. It depends on how much you’re looking to invest in your videos with what app you choose.

How Can Videos Help Your Branding?

There are many ways that videos can help your brand on Shopify. Videos are linked to higher conversions rates. As many as 9 out of 10 customers say that videos help them make a purchasing decision. In addition, videos can be used on social media to improve your engagement rates. Finally, video has been linked to high search rankings on Google.

Of course, there are issues that can be found on some platforms. Videos on WordPress sites can sometimes slow them down. That is why so many websites use YouTube to host videos and link to them. However, due to the structure of Shopify, you can actually host videos on your website without a loss in website speed.

Videos are a great way to boost conversions. Product videos are able to improve sales by about 80%. Many customers (71%) prefer to see a video of a product than read about it in a product description. And it is estimated that more than half of all internet usage will soon be people watching videos online.

Businesses are also finding that video is a really useful marketing strategy. Just under 90% of businesses report a positive impact on their business when they utilize video marketing. About 93% of businesses using video have also gained new customers thanks to their video marketing efforts.

Creating a professional video for your Shopify store has never been easier with these video maker apps.

Key Takeaway
Shopify Video Maker Apps enhance online stores by easily transforming images and text into engaging videos, boosting customer engagement and conversions.
Videos on Shopify don’t slow down the website, overcoming a common issue faced on other platforms.
Product videos can increase sales by approximately 80%, preferred by 71% of customers over text descriptions.

Best Apps You Can Use On Your Website

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Promo.com ‑ Promo Video Maker

Promo.com ‑ Promo Video Maker

This app allows you to create videos for your store, products and more automatically. All you have to do is select the type of video you want to create and what products you want to include and the app will do the rest of the work for you.

This automation allows you to create video content on your site with very little effort and then share those videos across the internet.

Promo is a very well respected company and has a strong support base. Their research has found that more than half of all visitors want to see a product in a video before they complete a purchase. And with automation, you can save time.

Promo.com Highlights:

  • Automatically creating videos from images and text you already have.
  • Can share videos across numerous mediums.
  • Can have different types of videos suited for your specific needs.
  • Simple to use.

Videofy ‑ Make Product Videos

Videofy ‑ Make Product Videos

Videofy has lots of unique features that make it a great option for those looking to uplift revenues on their store. You can bulk create videos automatically to be shared across Facebook, YouTube and on website; this saves you time from making them one-by-one and through traditional video software.

With the right adjustments, you can create videos that really promote your website and help with social media engagement and SEO. And customize your videos by branding them with your own colors, font, logo, store name and other options.

You can also use licensed music within the videos to enhance the professionalism of the video. There are templates to use that make your videos a lot easier to create and quicker.

Videofy Highlights:

  • Improve social media content and SEO results with branded videos.
  • Use templates and licensed music within your videos.
  • Brand your videos with numerous customization options.
  • Bulk create videos to save time.
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Outstanding Features of Shopify Video Maker Apps

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, Shopify Video Maker Apps stand out by offering a suite of features designed to enhance the online shopping experience.

These applications are engineered to seamlessly integrate with online stores, providing tools that are not only intuitive but also highly effective in showcasing products in a visually appealing manner.

Interactive Video Content

One of the defining features is the ability to create interactive video content. Shoppers are no longer passive viewers; they can interact with the videos, access detailed product information, and even make purchases directly through the videos.

This interactive element transforms the conventional shopping experience, making it more engaging and user-friendly.

Easy Integration

Shopify Video Maker Apps are renowned for their ease of integration. With minimal technical expertise, store owners can embed captivating videos into their product pages.

The apps support various video formats and are compatible with multiple platforms, ensuring that store owners have the flexibility to choose the most suitable content for their audience.

Customization Capabilities

Customization is at the core of these applications. Store owners have the liberty to tailor the videos to resonate with their brand’s identity and the specific preferences of their target audience.

From adjusting the visual aesthetics to incorporating brand elements, the apps offer a range of customization tools that ensure each video is as unique as the brand it represents.

Enhancing Product Presentation with Videos

Video content has become a cornerstone in e-commerce marketing, offering a dynamic way to present products and captivate potential customers.

Videos provide a real-life glimpse into a product’s aesthetics, functionality, and usability, bridging the gap between online shopping and the tangible in-store experience.

Types of Video Content

There are diverse types of video content that can be integrated into a Shopify store. Video makers facilitate the creation of customized videos tailored to showcase specific products.

Video embedding apps, on the other hand, are instrumental for incorporating pre-existing videos into product pages, enhancing the visual appeal and informational content.

Video gallery apps offer a structured and organized presentation of multiple videos, offering customers a comprehensive view of the product range.

Selection Criteria

Choosing the right video app requires a careful evaluation of several factors. The app’s rating and reviews provide insights into its performance and user satisfaction.

The availability of a free plan or trial offers an opportunity to assess the app’s features and compatibility with the store’s needs. Functionality, ease of use, and integration capabilities are also pivotal in ensuring seamless operation and optimal utility.

Optimizing Conversion Rates with Video Content

Implementing video content is not just about visual enhancement; it’s a strategic move aimed at boosting conversion rates. Videos offer customers an immersive experience, fostering engagement, and building trust.

The dynamic presentation of products through videos can effectively convey value, quality, and functionality, influencing purchasing decisions.

Video Integration

Integration with popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok is a feature to look for in a video app. It simplifies the process of embedding videos and ensures compatibility with various formats.

The ability to tag products within videos, making them shoppable, enhances the shopping experience, allowing customers to easily access product details and make purchases.

Customization and Analytics

Customization features are essential for tailoring video presentations to align with the brand’s identity and the specific attributes of products.

Analytics tools offer valuable insights into video performance, viewer engagement, and the impact on sales, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize video content for enhanced effectiveness and conversion rates.

Conclusion: Best Shopify Video Maker Apps

Videos are going to help your brand sell more online. Customers want to see them, Google wants them on your website to rank more, and more than half of the website traffic is going to be a video soon. There are two ways to get videos to your site.

One is to make videos on your site using images you have and other media to create unique videos that help you sell. Using a shopify video maker app is a great way to do this and can be a fun way to brand your site with video content. Most are easy to use and can help you get videos completed within minutes.

The other way is to create videos using other software and then upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. Then you can add these videos to your site using a video gallery app. These are great options when you’ve already built a large video library or want to include a review that customers have made and published on YouTube.

Of course, there is no reason why you can’t have both. A Shopify video maker doesn’t stop you from using a video gallery and mixing the two together can be a great way to improve conversions across your site. It might also help you get a mix of videos that can build confidence with your audience. So which app or apps will you use?

  • How secure are Shopify Video Maker Apps?

    Security is a priority for Shopify Video Maker Apps, ensuring user data and content are protected. Features often include encryption, secure hosting, and privacy controls.

  • Are Shopify Video Maker apps compatible with mobile devices?

    Shopify Video Maker Apps are often compatible with mobile devices, allowing video creation and editing on the go. Ensure to check app specifications for mobile compatibility and features.

  • Is there a limit to the number of videos I can create?

    The number of videos you can create often depends on the specific app and the plan you’re subscribed to. Some apps offer unlimited video creation, while others have limits.

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