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The Advantages of Print on Demand Photography Books

The Advantages of Print on Demand Photography Books

Last modified: March 24, 2022

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In the digital age, where ebooks have become very popular, the physical photography book is also in demand. So if you’re an author of photography books, you might want to consider selling print on demand photography books.

But what are the advantages of selling print on demand photography books over traditional publishing options?

More Revenue

The first thing to consider is that you’re going to have a larger cut of the sales. Print on demand sellers tend to get between 20 and 30% of the retail price of the book. This is much higher than it is for traditional published sellers who can often get only 5-10%.

In addition, you get paid whenever you make a sale. With traditionally published books you normally have to make a certain number of sales before you get paid. And you usually have to make a commission to your agent. With print on demand books, you don’t need an agent.

More Control

With print on demand products, you get more control over what is published. This is because the control is completely yours. With traditional publishing, you might be required to add certain photographs, add certain text or change the order of the book.

In addition, you can control the price. This means you can make the book cheaper or more expensive.

Quicker Revenues

With traditionally publishing you might have to have to wait a long time before your revenues are given to you. This is because you have to wait for the sellers to pass the money into the publisher and then for them to pay you. The contract you have with them might state you have to wait three months.

In contrast, when you have a print on demand business, you can get access to the money straight away.

Easy to Use

When you use Lulu Direct[link] publishing for your Shopify store, selling books on a print on demand basis is really easy. This means that you don’t need to have the technical experience to run your own business from Shopify and earn revenues.

Low Costs

One of the best aspects of print on demand is that you only pay for the product when a customer makes an order. Therefore, there are lots of costs that are reduced, especially compared to vanity publishing.

The only costs that you can expect to have are the subscription for Shopify, any app subscriptions and then the costs for selling your books.

More Marketing Control

Another benefit is that you can improve your marketing to focus on your products. Therefore, you can improve sales of future books that you’re selling or creating. The best option is to use social media and email marketing that can really increase your revenues with ease.

Final Word: The Advantages of Print on Demand Photography Books

There are several advantages of print on demand photography books. Most of the advantages allow you to earn more money and improve the returns that you get. All you need is a Shopify website and the right apps for your website.

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