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The Top Print on Demand Pet Products

Last modified: February 13, 2022

The Top Print on Demand Pet Products
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Pets are a huge business opportunity. In 2021, $109.6 billion this year has been spent on pets within the US alone. This number is growing significantly. The cost for owning a dog can be as much as $300 per month and almost half of Millennial’s will buy a dog a gift every month. Therefore, there is a lot of opportunity for print on demand pet products.

But what are the most popular print on demand pet products? Here is a list of some of the most popular options that you could sell on your Shopify website. All of these products are available from Printify. However, you might find the options from other print on demand apps.

1. Pet Beds

Whether for a cat or a dog, a pet bed is a great item that can be part of home decor. And there are lots of different patterns, colors and designs that can be added to a pet bed. You can create designs that match other household items, have particular styles or other designs. And most dogs and cats love to lie on a pet bed, so it is often a must-have item.

2. Leash

Dogs need to go on walks, lots of walks, and the leash can look very fancy on a walk and speak a lot about the dog and the owner. Many people like to have two or even three leashes for their dog as well. Customized leashes can be a great product for many with some people choosing them based on current events or the latest design trends.

3. Pet Feeding Mats

Dogs and cats can be very messy when they’re feeding, which is why a lot of pet owners like to use pet feeding mats. These can be customised for the specific dog and you can create a large range of products that can be interesting for the pet owner and look good in any pet area.

4. Pet Tank Top

Colder weather is a great time for dogs to wear additional layers to keep them warm and pet tank tops have become a very fashionable item. Pet tank tops can come in three different sizes to fit a range of dog breeds and you can customize them so that they have your own unique designs.

5. Pet Bowl

A pet bowl can be very unique to the owner or the cat/dog in question. And they’re often replaced as they get older and harder to clean. Pet bowls can have unique designs that can make the bowls a lot more attractive. And with print on demand, you can make numerous designs to appeal to a wider audience.

Final Word: The Top Print on Demand Pet Products

Selling print on demand pet products is a great way to make a living. Consumers spend a lot of money on their pets every year, and new and interesting items are really in demand. With a good Shopify website, with some good apps, you can really increase your business’ fortunes.

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