How To Add 2CheckOut To Shopify [2024]
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How To Add 2CheckOut To Shopify

Last modified: March 28, 2024

How To Add 2CheckOut To Shopify
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2CheckOut is one of the leading global payment platforms that allows online stores to accept mobile and online payments from across the world. There are localized payment options that deliver a series of services that sellers and buyers can benefit from. This article looks at 2CheckOut, why you should have it on your Shopify Store, and how to add it.

Key Takeaways
2CheckOut provides multiple payment options for customers on Shopify.
It offers a streamlined checkout experience with Standard and Inline options, enhancing customer satisfaction.
Advanced security features and fraud prevention are integral to 2Checkout, ensuring safe transactions for users.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using 2CheckOut On Shopify?

There are several benefits to using 2CheckOut on Shopify, these include:

Multiple Payment Options For Customers

2CheckOut supports multiple payment methods. Giving customers choice allows you to encourage more customers to purchase from you. 2CheckOut accepts payments from PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and traditional debit cards.

The payment gateway is also available in 211 markets across the world, with each market having its own localized options that can be customized by the seller. These can therefore offer more native languages and currencies, making the buyer more comfortable.

The system also supports 87 different currencies and up to 15 languages. Therefore, with 2CheckOut you can take your business to the next level.

Standard And Inline Options

When it comes to the checkout, you have the choice of standard and inline checkouts. The standard will show the checkout page and base this on the device the customer is using. Inline, displays the checkout page as if it is any other page on the seller’s website. Those that choose inline checkouts will still have all the benefits and features of the hosted checkout option.


There is no doubt that 2CheckOut is a secure payment method. Their PCI Data Security Standard is classified as Level 1 certified. This guarantees the protection of all involved in the transaction (customer and seller) from fraud. It also prevents interference that can cause fraud alerts.


2CheckOut is used on numerous platforms, including Shopify. There are strong integrations that mean it will seamlessly fit into the software without a hitch. You don’t need a new app either, 2CheckOut is within the payment options that are available, as standard, on Shopify plans.

Subscription Services

If you want to sell products or services on a regular subscription service, the 2CheckOut is a great option. Their software allows you set up subscription payments from customers across the world.

How To Setup 2CheckOut On Your Shopify Store

To setup 2CheckOut on your Shopify store, you need to follow these easy to follow steps:

Step 1 – Create A 2Checkout Account

Before you start linking Shopify to 2CheckOut, you need an account on 2CheckOut. From this account you will need to have the Account number and secret word. These can be found in the INS Secret word option within the ‘Webhooks & API’ section of your Integrations.

Step 2 – Log in To Shopify

Next login to your Shopify admin area.

Step 3 – Payments

Under ‘Settings’ click on the ‘Payments’ option.

Step 4 – 2CheckOut

Find the option that says ‘Select a Credit Card Gateway’ and on the drop-down selector, choose ‘2CheckOut’.

Then you need to enter your 2CheckOut account number (SID) and the secret word.

When entered, click on ‘Activate’ to save the changes.

Step 5 – Go To 2CheckOut

Head back to your 2CheckOut account and sign back in.

Step 6 – Integrations

From the dashboard, go to ‘Integrations’ and then ‘Webhooks & API Section’.

Step 7 – Redirect URL

In the Redirect URL section check the ‘Enable Return After Sale’. You will need to leave the Approved URL field blank. For the ‘Return Method’ select the option ‘Header Redirect’.

Then click on the ‘Save’ button.

Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Shopify Store with 2Checkout

Seamless Integration and Setup

To integrate 2Checkout with your Shopify store, begin by selecting 2Checkout as your payment provider within Shopify’s payment settings.

Ensure you have your 2Checkout account details handy, as you’ll need to enter your Merchant Code and Secret Key.

Optimized Checkout Experience

Choose between the Standard and Inline checkout options.

The Standard option adapts to the customer’s device, while the Inline option provides a seamless checkout experience on your site, retaining all the functionalities of the hosted checkout.

Global Reach with Localized Options

2Checkout supports over 200 markets globally, offering localized payment options, multiple currencies, and languages.

This ensures that your customers have a familiar and comfortable payment experience, no matter where they are.

Additional Features and Customizations

Beyond payment processing, you can explore Shopify advanced features and customizations like adding gift wrapping options or integrating alternative payment gateways such as Apple Pay on Shopify. These additions can enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers and potentially increase conversions and customer satisfaction.

24/7 Customer Support and Documentation

2Checkout provides round-the-clock customer support and extensive documentation, ensuring that you have all the assistance and information you need to manage your payment gateway effectively.

Important Reminders When Adding 2Checkout to Shopify

Verify Account Before Integration

Before integrating 2Checkout with Shopify, ensure that the 2Checkout account is fully verified to avoid any interruptions in service.

This process includes confirming business information and banking details, which is crucial for the smooth processing of transactions.

Check Compatibility with Business Model

It’s essential to confirm that 2Checkout’s services align with the specific business model and product types of the Shopify store.

Some products or services may have restrictions, so reviewing 2Checkout’s acceptable use policy is recommended to ensure compliance.

Understand the Fee Structure

Being aware of the fee structure for transactions processed through 2Checkout is important for financial planning.

The fees can vary based on the plan chosen, transaction volume, and customer location, which impacts the overall profitability.

Conclusion: How To Add 2CheckOut To Shopify

Shopify Payments is a great payment gateway, but sometimes you need something different. 2CheckOut is a great option when you need something more complex.

  • Does 2Checkout support mobile payments for customers shopping on their smartphones?

    2Checkout is optimized for mobile payments, ensuring a smooth and secure checkout experience for customers using smartphones or tablets, which can help increase conversion rates for mobile shoppers.

  • Is it possible to customize the 2Checkout payment page to match my store’s branding?

    2Checkout offers customizable payment pages that can be tailored to match your store’s branding, providing a consistent and professional look throughout the shopping and checkout process.

  • Can 2Checkout handle different tax rates for international sales?

    Yes, 2Checkout can automatically calculate and apply the appropriate tax rates for international transactions, which helps ensure compliance with local tax laws and simplifies the checkout process for customers worldwide.

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