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How To Add A Sales Banner On Shopify

Last modified: December 2, 2021

How To Add A Sales Banner On Shopify
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Sales are a great way to encourage new and existing customers to come back and make another purchase from you. There are several reasons why you might want to run a sale, including:

  • To get rid of old stock.
  • To improve revenues for a particular month.
  • As a way to attract new customers.
  • When you need to grow a mailing list and want to sell more on your website.

When you are offering items up for sale, at a discounted rate, you will need some way to attract audiences. One of the best options is to create a sales banner that can be displayed at the top of pages across your store.

Two Apps To Add A Sales Banner To Your Shopify Store

There are numerous ways that you can build a sales banner on Shopify. You might want to use a program like Paint.Net or Canva to build a sales banner and add this to your store. Or you might prefer to use one or two of the existing apps on Shopify App Store to create banners.

There are several great apps, but we recommend two apps. The first can be found here and has numerous features that you can use to create banners across your site in many different formats.

The Dynamic Banner Suite is also a great option you can use and will make an excellent addition to your store.

How To Get A Sales Banner On Your Shopify Store

To get a sales banner on your store you first need to install the Dynamic Banner Suite. Installing an app is very easy to do. And you can follow these steps below.

Step 1 – Log Into Your Shopify Store

Using your Shopify credentials, log into your Shopify store and enter your admin area.

Step 2 – Find The App

Now go to the Shopify App Store and find Dynamic Banner Suite (or follow the link here). You can then click on the ‘Add App’. This will add the app to your store.

Step 3 – Create A Banner In The App

Now you can create sales banners for your store by going to the app within your Shopify store’ admin area. How you design the banner will be different, dependent on your specific message, need and the app you use.

Within the settings, you should also be able to place the sales banner in the right place.

The Best Practices For Designing A Sales Banner

There are numerous best practices that will help you sell more when you are creating a sales banner. Here are some of the top best practices for you to consider when designing your sales banner.

1. Ensure All The Right Language Is There

There are three parts to every online message. These should be short, concise and clear because people online don’t have a lot of time to read paragraphs, unless they’re really interested. So each message should have a:

  • Value proposition (what the customer will get).
  • Subject (what the message is about).
  • Call to action (what you want the customer to do next).

2. Ensure Colors Match Your Brand

All images and colors within a banner should be aligned with your brand image. For instance, if you’re known for lime green, then your banner should reflect this. You can add branding to your site by using your logo within the banner as well.

3. Add Faces That Sell Emotions

Be sure that when you’re featuring faces within your content, that they are displaying an emotion that matches the brand message. Normally, emotions displayed are often exaggerated to display the right emotions more easily for the audience.

If you want to know more about installing an app, you can do so here.

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