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How to Add a Vlog to Shopify

Last modified: January 10, 2022

How to Add a Vlog to Shopify
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Video blogging, also known as vlogging, is a popular medium for many brands and online personalities. However, it isn’t always associated with Shopify stores. This is a missed opportunity and there are ways that you as a brand, can utilize vlogging to get more sales and more user interaction. Did this spike your interest yet?

Why Should your Brand Vlog?

There are many opportunities with vlogging that brands don’t often take advantage of. For one, it allows you to have engaging content that draws attention to your brand. Some brands can have thousands or millions of subscribers to the vlog that will regularly view the content. This can be an outstanding opportunity to sell your merchandise. About half of all content on the internet that is consumed is now video.

In addition, videos are known to convert better than text and images on their own. With some creative work, you can include your videos on product pages as well as on social media to improve conversions and increase revenues from your store.

Vlogging is also another good revenue stream for your brand. You can collect advertising fees, sponsorship and more for your videos if you collect a lot of followers.

What to Vlog

There are many things that you can vlog about on your Shopify store. You could talk about new products, news on the team or give tours of your facilities. Vlogs don’t have to be done every day, though some brands do. You could vlog once a week or a couple of days a week. It isn’t recommended to vlog any less than this as audiences can quickly forget about you.

Vlogging can also be about things in your industry. Is there new legislation that customers need to be aware of? Or is there worldwide news that can have an impact on orders, products or direct to the customers? Using a vlog to communicate with your audience, you can improve the trust you have built with your audience.

How to Vlog on Shopify

There are numerous ways to vlog. The best is to have a YouTube channel and then embed your videos into your Shopify website. This can be done simply by entering the URL of the video into a post or page on Shopify. There are numerous video themes that are great for vlogging brands. However, video can slow down your website, so you might want to consider using Booster which is one of the fastest Shopify themes available.

Final Word: How to Add a Vlog to Shopify

Adding a vlog to Shopify is really easy. The best option is to use YouTube and then add your videos to Shopify. This allows you to benefit from faster loading times on Shopify and larger audiences on YouTube. At the same time, videos embedded on Shopify can help your SEO. Therefore, you can grow your audience, increase brand engagement and sell more on your store.

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