How To Add Collections On Shopify [2024]
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How To Add Collections On Shopify

Last modified: May 6, 2024

How To Add Collections On Shopify
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Collections are a group of products that you, as the business owner, have put together to make it easier for the shoppers on your store to find products they want. Collections are not determined by Shopify software, but by the owner and they are completely customizable.

Collections can be organized into any number of variances for products. For instance, you could have collections for the color of the clothes, the size of the clothes, who the clothes are for or even the type of clothes (shirt, trousers, etc.). Or you can have collections for tax purposes.

You can also have subcategories or sub-collections on Shopify when a collection is divided further into smaller groups.

Key Takeaways
To add a Shopify collection, create one, assign products, and integrate it into your store’s navigation
Integrating collections in store’s navigation menus boosts customer access and convenience.
Understanding automated vs. manual collections affect store management efficiency.
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What Are The Benefits Of Collections

There are several benefits for you to have a collection. These benefits include:

Improve Shopping Experience

Customers can quickly find the group of products they’re looking for. This will speed up their purchasing journey and improve the conversion rate on your store.

Search Engine Optimization

Collections can be optimized for search engines, allowing you to be found on Google and other search engines. To do this you must ensure that all SEO elements are entered onto your collections. These elements include the meta data that have the keyword inserted somewhere into them.

If you need help with this, you can install some SEO apps that can help with collections.


It is far easier to manage your products when they’re set in collections. An easier way to manage products makes you faster at store administration. This allows you more time to fulfil orders and to market your products.

How To Add A Collection To Your Shopify Store

To add a collection to your Shopify store, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Login To Your Shopify Store

Using your Shopify login credentials, login to your store.

Step 2 – Collections

Click on the ‘Products’ and then ‘Collections’ option. From this option you need to click on the ‘Create Collection’ option.

Step 3 – Enter Collection Information

Enter a collection title and description. Remember that these are used for SEO, so be sure that the keyword is in both. Try to keep the description between 150 and 160 characters as well, so it fully displays on any Google search result.

Step 4 – Automate The Collection

To help you save time you can automate the adding of a product to your collection. For this, you need to go down to the ‘Collection Type’ section and then click on ‘Automated’.

Then you can select whether products need to match all the conditions or just some of the conditions to be included within the collection. You can also use the drop-down lists to set specific collection conditions.

If you don’t want to have automated collections, you can skip this step. You will have to manually add a product to a collection within the products themselves.

Step 5 – Save

Now you can click on ‘Save’ to save your settings. If you’ve automated the product selection process, you will see a list of products that match the conditions you’ve set.

Keep Reading

Optimizing Shopify Collections

Automated vs Manual Collections

Shopify offers two collection types: automated and manual. Automated collections save time with conditions that auto-include products.

Manual collections need regular updates but suit specialized inventories.

Creating Collections

To start, create a collection in Shopify admin. Assign products manually or set conditions for automated inclusion.

This organization aids customer navigation and enhances shopping experience.

Adding Collections to Pages

For showcasing collections on specific pages, create a new page template. Assign it to your collections page.

This makes your collections accessible and neatly organized for customers.

Streamlining Navigation of Collections on Shopify

Assigning Products

Assign products to collections either individually or in bulk. For automated collections, set conditions to auto-assign products. You can also showcase your recommended products or any related items into your collection. This ensures a coherent product display.

Template and Page Creation

You can set up your store to create a new template for collection pages. Use Shopify admin to add this template to your collections page, ensuring a consistent layout and design for your store’s collection pages.

Menu Integration

Link your collections to your store’s navigation menu. This step is crucial for customer convenience, allowing them to find collections directly from the menu.

Conclusion: How To Add Collections On Shopify

Once you’ve created a collection, you’ll be able to sort the collection, select the sales channels that the collection is part of and more. And you can add the collection to your top menu to give customers a quick and smoothless way to access the collection.

Optimizing menu item’s display order ensures a seamless browsing experience for customers. To foster customer engagement and loyalty, consider offering an email signup option or inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter, providing updates on your collections and other valuable content.

  • Can I add products to multiple collections in Shopify?

    Yes, products can be included in multiple collections to maximize their visibility. This flexibility helps customers find products through various paths.

  • Can I use tags to organize products in Shopify collections?

    Tags are a powerful way to organize products and can be used to create automated collections which you can categorize and filter based on specific criteria.

  • Can I feature a collection on the homepage of my Shopify store?

    Yes, you can feature a collection on the homepage of your Shopify store by customizing your theme settings. Simply select the collection you want to showcase, and it will appear on your store’s homepage.

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