How To Add Gift Wrapping To Shopify [2024]
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How To Add Gift Wrapping To Shopify

Last modified: March 28, 2024

How To Add Gift Wrapping To Shopify
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The art of making more money on Shopify is not to have more products but to make more money from the sales you currently have. There are several ways to do this. You could raise prices, but this can lower conversions. Or, you could add a service that adds value to the product. One option for this is gift wrapping.

You can charge for gift wrapping on a flat rate or a per-product basis. And adding this to your site is very simple. Follow these instructions for help.

Key Takeaways
Adding gift wrapping to Shopify can increase revenue without adding new products.
Simple steps to add gift wrapping include creating a product for it and adjusting menu navigation.
Use code snippets to add gift wrapping options to the cart section.

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Step 1 – Login

Login to your Shopify store using your user credentials.

Step 2 – Add Product

From the Shopify admin, click on the ‘Products’ tab and then click on the button ‘Add Product’.

Step 3 – Create Product

Now you can create a product just like you would for any other product. Use the ‘Description‘ to describe the service, what you offer, what materials are used, can the customer add a message, etc.

You should also set a price. If you want to offer it for free, you can just put in 0, but you can also charge.

Finally, ensure that you upload an image. This could be of a product gift wrapped or an illustration to show gift wrapping.

Step 4 – Save

When you’re finished, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Create A Menu

Now you need to create a menu that will point to your gift wrap product.

Step 5 – Navigation

From the admin page, click on the ‘Online Store’ and then ‘Navigation’.

Step 6 – Menu

Click on the ‘Add menu’ option. You can name the menu ‘Gift wrapping’. You should also ensure that the handle that is assigned to the menu is gift-wrapping.

Step 7 – Add Product To Menu

In the menu items section, give your new link a name, this can be anything you want. Then select ‘Product’ for the ‘Link’ section and then select the gift wrap product from the dropdown menu.

Step 8 – Save

Now save the menu.

Code Snippet

Now you need to create a code snippet so gift wrapping can be added to the store’s theme templates.

Step 9 – Themes

Go to the ‘Online Store’ and then ‘Themes’. Within this option find the theme you’re using and then click on ‘Actions’ and then ‘Edit Code’.

Step 10 – Snippets

In the snippets area, select the option, ‘Add A New Snippet’. Name your new snippet gift-wrapping and click ‘Create Snippet’. This will open the code editor.

To add a flat rate charge for gift wrapping, use this code:
To add a charge for each product, use this code:

When you’ve added the code, click on ‘Save’.

Add Option To Cart

Now you can add the option to your cart.

Step 11 – Sections

Within the theme files, go to the Sections directory and enter the cart-template.liquid file or the cart.liquid file in the templates directory.

Step 12 – Form

Find the </form> tag in the code on the file. Then insert a new line above the tag and add this code:

{% include 'gift-wrapping' %}

Step 13 – Save

Click on the save option.

Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Gift Wrapping Service

Streamlining the Selection Process

Offering gift wrapping on your Shopify store can be a seamless process. By integrating a clear option for gift wrapping on your product pages, customers can easily select this service.

A step-by-step guide within the purchasing process can enhance user experience, ensuring the option is both visible and straightforward.

Optimizing Fulfillment Strategies

Once the customer opts for gift wrapping, the real work begins. Establish a dedicated space for wrapping, complete with all necessary materials.

Consider bulk buying wrapping supplies post-holiday season for cost efficiency. Training your team on a consistent wrapping style reflects your brand’s attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Pricing Your Gift Wrapping

Deciding on a pricing strategy for gift wrapping involves considering material costs, labor, and any additional shipping fees.

Some stores choose to include this service as a complimentary offer, enhancing customer loyalty, while others charge a nominal fee, turning it into a profit center.

Best Practices for Gift Wrapping on Shopify

Year-Round Availability

Gift wrapping isn’t just for the holidays. Offering this service year-round caters to customers looking for that special touch for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions, setting your store apart from competitors.

Detailed Descriptions and Visuals

Customers appreciate transparency. Providing detailed descriptions and visuals of your gift wrapping options can influence their decision to utilize your service, adding perceived value to their purchase.

Variety and Communication

Consider offering various levels of gift wrapping to cater to different customer needs and budgets.

Communicate these options effectively through your website, ensuring customers are aware of the service throughout their shopping experience.

Conclusion: How To Add Gift Wrapping To Shopify

With these instructions, you’ve now added gift wrapping to your store. If you’re not happy with this option, you could always use this app here. Additionally, integrating interactive elements like games to your store can be an exciting way to differentiate your brand and keep customers engaged.

Moreover, offering multiple payment options can help improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Integrating interactive elements like games and providing multiple payment options such as 2CheckOut can be an exciting way to differentiate your brand and keep customers engaged. By leveraging Shopify’s advanced customizations, you can create a unique and memorable shopping journey that sets you apart from competitors.

  • How do I track inventory for my gift wrapping supplies?

    Manage gift wrapping inventory on Shopify by listing it as a product with a unique SKU and adjusting stock quantities like any regular item. This allows you to decrease inventory automatically each time a gift wrapping service is sold.

  • Can gift wrapping options be automated for certain products or times of the year?

    Yes, automation can be set up to offer gift wrapping for specific products or during peak seasons like holidays. This ensures that the option is only available when it’s most relevant and beneficial for your business.

  • Can I offer gift wrapping on specific products only, rather than store-wide?

    Certainly, you can set up gift wrapping options for select products, giving you control over which items come with this special offer. This targeted approach can cater to product-specific needs and customer preferences.

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