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Top 10 Shopify Gift Wrap Apps  – [2023]

Top 10 Shopify Gift Wrap Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Offering products on your store gift wrapped for the recipient is a very popular way for customers to send gifts to friends and family not close to them. It also offers you a new way to earn revenue without having to add more products. If you sell anything that could be used as a gift, then you should automatically have gift wrap added to your store. To do this, you should be using one of the many Shopify gift wrap apps.

What Can Shopify Gift Wrap Apps Do For Your Business?

Gift wrapping is an inexpensive and profitable way to get more customers to your store. You’re offering convenience and a service that many customers don’t like. You can also charge for the service that improves your revenues.

Many brands online offer gift wrapping, with Amazon being one of the largest providers. With the right gift wrapping and some good services, you can really build a strong reputation that can lead to better customer loyalty.

So, what are the top Shopify gift wrap apps that you can have for your store?

Filter between free and paid

Gift Wrap Plus

Gift Wrap Plus

This app allows you to create gift wraps for any product that you sell on your store. Or you can limit gift wrapping to specific products or collections. This is a great option if you only want to have specific options with the gift wrapping service. All gift wrapping options can be customized as well. You can offer a free or paid service, depending on your needs.

You can even mix gift wrapping pricing options. Giving a free service for certain services and a paid service for others. For instance, those items that are small, you might want to offer for free. But larger items might require more wrapping, time and be more challenging, so you might want to charge more.

And the fact that this app is free to install and use makes it a great investment for your website. You’ll get a free set of gift wrapped orders per month and then be charged for the number of orders that have gift wrapping after this. The number of gift wrapped items is counted for the past 30 days.

Gift Wrap Plus Highlights:

  • Free to install.
  • Adds lots of customization for the gift wrapping.
  • Can limit options to specific products or collections.
  • Can add tiers for gift wrapping options.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Gift Wrap Apps

Offer gift wrapping on your store by using some of the best Shopify gift wrap apps. This can help improve revenues and delight customers without any significant investment on your part. Which of the apps will you choose?

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