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How To Add Shopify Buy Button To Instagram

Last modified: December 21, 2022

How To Add Shopify Buy Button To Instagram
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Instagram is one of the top social media channels available. And for those with very visual products, like fashion and artwork, adding Instagram as a sales channel can be very lucrative. Here are the steps that you need to add the Shopify Buy Button to your Instagram account.

Step 1 – Login

Login to your Shopify store using your Shopify admin credentials.

Step 2 – Buy Button Sales Channel

From the admin area, go and click on the ‘+’ button beside the ‘Sales Channels’ heading.

Step 3 – Add Instagram

From here you should see the ‘Add Sales Channel’ dialogue. Click on the option that reads ‘Instagram’. This will tell you more about the sales channel and you need to click on the ‘Add Channel’ option.

Step 4 – Verification

After you’ve completed this you will need to login to your Facebook account page to authenticate your Instagram account for sales.

What Happens Next?

After this, your account will be reviewed by the team at Instagram for access to the sales feature. Shopify can’t enable this for you. You will need approval from the social media channel and if you break some of their rules, you will need to fix those problems and re-apply to have Instagram as a sales channel.

Once accepted you can have the Shopify buy button on your Instagram posts.

Top Tips For Selling On Instagram

If you’re looking to make Instagram a major contributor to your sales, then you should follow these tips.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile Page – ensure that the call-to-action on your Instagram page stands out. You should use actionable language, conveying the proper value proposition to the customer and use the most relevant emojis.

Sell With Instagram Stories Ads – Instagram ads are very effective at engaging your audience and can help you build a profitable business. Ensure that all stories have a clear storyline that can be used.

Shoppable Posts – Be sure that you use Instagram’s Shoppable Posts to sell directly in posts. However, don’t use them too much. You should publish about five normal posts for every Shoppable Post so you don’t come across as spammy to your audience. This can also improve rates of conversion from Instagram.

Preview Upcoming Products – Be sure that you’re adding excitement and anticipation for new products/services. Post updates that tease what the new product will look like and how it might help the customer. Previewing can lead to advanced, pre-orders that can help with cashflow when you’re in a product development phase.

High-Quality Photos – Don’t have substandard photos. Instead, use the best equipment, lighting and other aspects to make sure that your products standout on pictures.

Develop A Style – Create a style for product pictures on Instagram for your brand. This signature style should make it so your customers can recognise your store, just from the picture.

Run Contests – Gamification is a great way to engage audiences. Customers like to play a game, whether it’s sharing for a chance to win, or taking a photo of themselves using your products, gamification and contests help you build a community around your brand and improve the number of sales you can get on Instagram.

Final Word: How To Add Shopify Buy Button To Instagram

Don’t forget you can also use number Shopify apps to help you manage your Instagram, any blog post on your website and other social media channels. This includes having better information for sales and adding buy buttons Shopify websites need to be successful.

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