How To Add ‘Terms Of Service’ On Shopify [2024]
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How To Add ‘Terms Of Service’ On Shopify

Last modified: November 9, 2023

How To Add ‘Terms Of Service’ On Shopify
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Having ‘Terms of Service’ on Shopify is really important. It tells customers what service they can expect from you and it can help protect you from customers demanding things that you’re not prepared to give. For instance, you might state that you can only offer certain type of deliveries based on time of order or where in the world the customer is. If this is not mentioned in the ‘Terms of Service’ on your store, then customers could say that they’re entitled to it, especially if other customers do get that service.

Adding ‘Terms of Service’ can also help with SEO. Google bots do look to see if you have this page. Plus, anyone who buys from you should have read your ‘Terms of Service’, although many shoppers do not.

There are numerous ways you can add a terms of service to your Shopify store. However, one of the most effective solutions is to create the page and enter the ‘Terms of Service’ yourself. Follow these steps to do that.

Key Takeaways
To add Shopify Terms of Service, log in, create a new page, draft terms, set visibility, save, and add to menu.
Ensure your Terms of Service (ToS) align with legal requirements and customer rights.
Customize your ToS to reflect your unique store policies and industry-specific legal needs.
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I Agree ‑ Terms and Conditions
I Agree ‑ Terms and Conditions
I Agree To Terms ‑ Best Seller
I Agree To Terms ‑ Best Seller
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Terms and Conditions Pop‑up
Terms and Conditions Popup
Terms and Conditions Popup
Terms and conditions by Saio
Terms and conditions by Saio
Checkify ‑ Terms & Conditions
Checkify ‑ Terms & Conditions
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Terms and Conditions Checkbox
To The Moon+ Agree to Terms
To The Moon+ Agree to Terms
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Terms and Conditions Plus+
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Terms Confirmation in Cart
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Step 1 – Login To Your Shopify Dashboard

Using your login credentials, login to your Shopify admin page.

Step 2 – Create A New Page

Inside the admin section, head to the ‘Online Store’ section and then click on the ‘Pages’ option. Find the option and click on ‘Add Page’.

Step 3 – Page Details

Enter a title for the page. It is recommended that you use ‘Terms of Service’. This will clearly identify the page and its contents for search engines and customers.

Don’t enter too much meta data. A brief description will do, ensure that it includes the word ‘Terms of Service’. This is to prevent your ‘Terms of Service’ page out ranking other pages of your site on Google, while also telling Google what the page is about so it will help rank other pages on your site.

Step 4 – Adding Your ‘Terms Of Service’

Now you need to write the ‘Terms of Service’ page content. You could hire a lawyer or copywriter to complete this task. However, there are lots of free templates you can use. Some of these will require an attribution to the original author, others won’t. To find one, search for ‘Terms of service/Terms and conditions, free template’ on Google. This should bring up a list of acceptable examples.

Be sure to edit the document. Your company name, address, jurisdiction and specific terms should be edited for your own business. Be sure that you spend a good few hours on this task. Remember to think of services and specific exceptions you might make (i.e. delivering to non-mainland US States)

Step 5 – Set Visibility

Set the visibility of the page to ensure that it will be published on your site.

Step 6 – Save

Once you’ve completed the page click on the ‘Save’ button.

Step 7 – Add To A Menu

Ensure that you add the ‘Terms of Service’ page to a menu on your website. It is highly recommended that you add it to a footer menu. However, you can add it to the header menu, if you so wish.

Keep Reading

Terms of Service to Enhance Legal Clarity on Shopify

Legal Foundations for Your Store

A solid Terms of Service safeguards your Shopify store and clarifies policies on use, intellectual property, and dispute resolution, essential for legal protection and customer rights.

Draft your ToS with jurisdiction and privacy laws in mind to ensure enforceability and compliance. It should clearly communicate shipping, refund, and return policies.

Update it regularly to reflect changes in laws and your business practices, maintaining transparency.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Transparent Terms of Service enhance trust, outlining store rules and customer expectations for a secure experience.

This clarity boosts confidence and customer engagement with your store.

Incorporate clauses on user behavior, age limits, and account termination to ensure a secure, legal shopping space.

Effective communication of ToS updates fosters ongoing trust and customer awareness.

Customizing Your Shopify Terms of Service

Reflecting Your Unique Store Policies

Tailor your ToS to mirror your store’s policies on returns, refunds, and shipping, using language that reflects your brand.

For interactive stores, establish community guidelines; for global reach, ensure GDPR and international law compliance.

Minimize liability for product issues and shipping incidents, and use straightforward language for customer clarity and legal soundness.

Essential Clauses for Legal Protection

To enhance legal protection and customer communication, include vital clauses in your ToS, covering acceptance, user guidelines, and product disclaimers.

Ensure secure transactions and payment terms to safeguard customer data.

By including these, you create a customized ToS that safeguards your store and fosters a transparent and fair customer experience.

Conclusion: How To Add ‘Terms Of Service’ On Shopify

The ‘Terms of Service’ page is vital. It will protect you from facing customers complaining you haven’t offered them the same service as others without warning. It can also help with ranking on Google. Adding the ‘Terms of Service’ page isn’t challenging, it just takes a new page and the content.

  • Can I change my Terms of Service after publishing them on Shopify?

    Yes, you can update your Terms of Service on Shopify, but you should notify your customers of changes in your ToS and ideally get their consent to the new terms.

  • How often should I review and update my Shopify Terms of Service?

    Regularly review and update your Shopify Terms of Service whenever there are legal or policy changes or your business evolves. Aim for at least once a year to ensure compliance with current regulations.

  • Is it necessary to have a lawyer write my Shopify Terms of Service?

    Having a lawyer draft your Shopify Terms of Service isn’t required but is advisable for legal accuracy and enforceability. A legal expert ensures your ToS addresses all regulatory requirements and minimizes risk.

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