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How to Buy Email Subscribers on Shopify

How to Buy Email Subscribers on Shopify

Last modified: December 5, 2021

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Email marketing is one of the best options when it comes to making sales on your Shopify store. Research has shown that your brand could make between $38 and $44 for every $1 that you spend. One of the important elements is having numerous subscribers on your list. The more subscribers you have, the more traffic to your website you will get from campaigns.

Studies have shown that open rates and click rates can vary depending on the niche you’re in. For instance, coupon websites can have open rates of less than 15% and click-through rates that are less than 3%. In contrast, hobby websites can have click-through rates at nearly twice that rate with click-through rates at about 5%.

The more people that you have on your list, the more money you’re going to make from your website, in theory. Therefore, many brands try to buy email subscribers and send them content.

So, how can you buy email subscribers on Shopify? Or is it a policy that you should not be following?

The Trouble with Buying Subscribers

One of the first things that you should consider is whether or not it is advisable to buy email marketing lists. One of the problems is that those that sell email marketing lists often have inaccurate information. Sometimes the lists have been stolen from the internet or hacking incidents. These accounts might be old or inaccurate. This can mean you’re spending money on something that isn’t valuable at all.

In addition, when you’re buying your email marketing list, you can often expect lower open and click-through rates. In addition, there are some times when those people who are on the list will unsubscribe immediately from your list. There might also be some people who will report your email as being spam. This can lower your email server’s reputation that can really harm your future campaigns that make email marketing more challenging in the future.

The Legal Aspect

The laws with buying email marketing lists can be a little confusing at time. While there are no technical issues from buying an email list, there are problems with using it. For one, EU, UK, Canadian and US law states that you must have permission from the receiver to send them marketing information.

In some countries, you can be fined for sending unsolicited marketing messages to customers. In the UK, this can be £600 for every email sent to a person who didn’t give permission to send marketing content. So if you sent a campaign to 1000 people who didn’t opt-in, this can cost you £600,000.

There are similar laws in most jurisdictions but they can change depending on where you are based. In the US, this can vary depending on the state.

Final Word: How to Buy Email Subscribers on Shopify

It can be very tempting to buy email subscribers for your Shopify store. However, it is not worth the investment. You can break laws by using lists bought from sellers or you can have bad campaigns with the lists. You’re betting using one of the top email marketing apps or an app like Vitals to increase your subscribers organically rather than buying them.

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