How To Cancel An Order on Shopify [2024]
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How To Cancel An Order on Shopify

Last modified: May 3, 2024

How To Cancel An Order on Shopify
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Sometimes customers may change their mind on an order. If you haven’t dispatched the order already, then you can cancel the order manually within your Shopify dashboard. This allows you to keep your order screen organized.

Key Takeaways
Log into your Shopify dashboard and go to the Orders tab.
Find the desired order and click on ‘More actions’ then ‘Cancel order’.
By default, a canceled order will be fully refunded; ensure correct refund amounts.

When Can You Cancel An Order?

You can cancel an order if:

  • You’ve not collected a payment for the order.
  • A payment has been collected but no items have been fulfilled.

You can technically cancel an order that is fulfilled, but you would need to cancel the fulfillment manually. If you cancel the fulfillment in Shopify, this doesn’t stop the process.

Any order that you cancel when a payment has been made, will need to have the payment refunded. This can be done in partial refunds. If the whole order is not refunded in one go, you can return to the order at a later date to issue further refunds.

Orders are often canceled because:

  • An order was fraudulent.
  • The customer decided they no longer needed the products.
  • The items are no longer available.

How To Cancel An Order On Your Shopify Store

Step 1: Log In

Log into your Shopify dashboard.

Step 2: Orders Tab

Go to the Orders tab in the dashboard.

Step 3: Find Order

Find the order that you need to cancel in the list of orders.

Step 4: More Actions

Click on the ‘More actions’ option and then find the option that reads ‘Cancel order’, click on this.

Step 5: Canceling The Order

If The Payment Has Been Captured

By default, a canceled order will be fully refunded. If you need to issue just a partial refund, then you can use either the product quantity boxes, the shipping field or the refund total field and change the refund amount.

Canceling An Order on Shopify-Screenshot of refunded items

Be sure to check the refund amount properly. The cancel order doesn’t always take this into account and you may end up paying more to the customer than they paid to you. Refunds cannot be reversed, so be sure to double-check the amounts.

If there are items within the order that you don’t want to have added back to your inventory, then you should uncheck the ‘Restock items’ option.

If Payment Wasn’t Captured

If the customer hadn’t made a payment, then payment is voided. There is no payment collected from the customer and you can’t issue a partial refund.
If you don’t want items to be restocked in your inventory, then you can change the quantity of items in the order to 0.

You will then need to select a reason for the order cancellation. Be sure to be accurate with this information. It is important for business analysis. An email is automatically sent to the customer when an order is canceled. If you don’t want this, then uncheck the ‘Send a notification to the customer’ option.

Step 6: Finish

Then all you need to do is to confirm the cancellation by using the ‘Cancel order’ button.

Keep Reading

Why Canceling Orders Matters

Building Trust with Customers

We understand that mistakes happen. When they do, it’s vital to act fast. Canceling orders promptly can save both time and money. More than that, it shows your customers that you care about their experience.

Managing Inventory Efficiently

Every order counts, especially in eCommerce. By canceling orders when needed, you ensure that your inventory stays accurate. This helps in making informed decisions for restocking and sales.

Preventing Unwanted Costs

Unfulfilled orders can lead to extra costs. Think of the storage, handling, and even potential return fees. By managing and canceling orders timely, you can avoid these unwanted expenses.

Steps to Ensure Smooth Cancellation

Clear Communication

Always inform your customer as soon as you decide to cancel an order. A simple email or message can go a long way in maintaining trust.

Offer Alternatives

If a product is out of stock, offer a similar item or a discount on their next purchase. This can turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Review and Learn

Regularly review why orders are being canceled. This can offer insights into areas of improvement, be it in inventory management or customer service.

Customer Management and Canceling Orders

Effective customer management is crucial when it comes to canceling orders on your Shopify store. Maintaining accurate customer information, such as updating their address, can help streamline the order cancellation process. In some cases, you may need to delete customers who have placed fraudulent orders or have violated your store’s policies.

Additionally, providing a seamless checkout experience by enabling the option for a phone number at checkout can help you communicate with customers more effectively in case an order needs to be canceled. Sending account invites to customers can also foster better engagement and facilitate smoother order management.

For larger businesses, adding customers and creating customer groups can simplify order tracking and cancellation procedures. If you have multiple team members, adding a user to Shopify can help distribute tasks efficiently, including shipping label prints and order cancellations.

Proper customer management practices, such as maintaining accurate customer information and providing a streamlined checkout process, can significantly improve the order cancellation experience.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and efficient order management, you can build trust and loyalty with your customers, even when orders need to be canceled. This is especially important when you set up your store to establish your business’s customer service standards.

Conclusion: How To Cancel An Order on Shopify

If you need more help with managing your orders, you can use Billbee, a great app for all your order management needs across channels.

  • Is canceling a Shopify order the same as issuing a refund?

    No, canceling an order and issuing a refund are distinct actions. Canceling an order stops the order process while refunding involves sending the payment back to the customer for returned or canceled orders when payment was captured.

  • What happens to the inventory when an order is canceled on Shopify?

    When an order is canceled on Shopify, the items from that order are typically returned to your inventory, unless you choose otherwise. This ensures that your stock levels remain accurate, preventing potential overselling.

  • How does canceling an order impact financial reports on Shopify?

    Canceling an order will adjust your financial reports on Shopify. The sales and tax figures will be updated to reflect the cancellation. It’s crucial to monitor these changes, especially during high sales periods, to ensure accurate financial tracking.

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