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How to Create a Test Order on Shopify?

Last modified: March 22, 2023

How to Create a Test Order on Shopify?
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Setting up your own online shop can not only be timing consuming but also a little stressful as well. If you’re reading this article we hope you’re almost done and the process hasn’t been too bad and that you’re almost ready for your business to be live and start selling some products. However, before you do that you probably want to do a test order to make sure your checkout process works correctly and is a smooth and user friendly experience. Need to know how exactly to create a test order to make sure your customers can actually successfully pay for the items they want to buy? Let’s keep reading.

What's the Benefit of Doing a Test Order?

As we mentioned, doing a test order can be very beneficial. It will help you see various things like if the checkout process, setting for order processing, shipping, inventory, and taxes are all correct before customers start shopping. There is no charge for doing a test order because any order that is cancelled and refunded is not subject to transaction fees so you have nothing to lose if you want to do one.

It’s also important to remember that doing a test order isn’t only done when you first set up your store, you should do a test any time you make changes to your payment settings.

How Can I Create a Test Order?

Now let’s get to it. You have two different ways to do a test order. One option is to choose Shopify’s Bogus Gateway and the other is to use a real payment provider and then cancel and refund the order right away.

Here are the steps to place a test order via Shopify’s Bogus Gateway:

  • In your Shopify admin click Settings and then Payments
  • If your credit card provider is enabled, deactivate it and then click on Edit followed by Deactivate and confirm your deactivation
  • When you see Accept Credit Cards click on Add a Provider
  • Choose Third Part Credit Card Provider and then open the Provider drop down menu
  • Under the category Other choose “(for testings) Bogus Gateway”
  • Click Continue followed by Activate
  • Go place an order like a customer would with these credit details:

Name on card: Bogus Gateway

          Credit card number (each stimulates different types of transaction):

            1 (stimulates a successful transaction)

            2 (stimulates a failed transaction

            3 (stimulates an exception which creates a message saying an error                       occurred with the provider)

          CVV: any 3 digit number

          Exp date: any future date

Once you’ve finished testing click Change Provider on the payments page of your Shopify Admin and reset your payment provider.


Here are the steps if you want to place an order with a real payment provider:

  • Make sure you have set up a payment provider that you want to test
  • Act like a customer, go to your store and buy a product and complete the checkout process with a real credit card
  • If you are using a third party payment provider then log in to your payment provider to see if the funds were processed
  • Cancel and refund the order

That’s it! You have all of the different options and different steps for doing a test order. Now go check to make sure everything is running smoothly so you can start selling and make your business a success!

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