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How to Disable Automatic Domain Renewal

Last modified: December 2, 2021

How to Disable Automatic Domain Renewal
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For most domains, you will want to enable automatic renewals so your store can continue and you don’t need to process the actions. However, there are times when domains are no longer useful. For instance, you might want to close down a certain area of your business. Or you might want to change domains in a business restructure/rebranding.

Therefore, you need to know how you can disable the automatic domain renewal in Shopify. Here are the quick steps that allow you to do that.

Step 1 - Login

Login to your Shopify account using your credentials.

Step 2 – Online Store

Now head to the ‘Online Store’ area which is below the ‘Sales Channels’ on the dashboard of the Shopify store. You will be taken to the themes section of the Shopify backend, however, you can click easily on the ‘Domains’ section to continue.

Step 3 – Decide on the Domain

There will be a list of all the domains that you have on your account. You need to find the domain that you want to disable and then click on the name. Be sure that you want to complete this process. If the domain is up for renewal soon and you let it expire, you might lose access to the domain forever.

Step 4 – Disable Automatic Domain Renewal

Now you need to look at the details of the domain. There should be an ‘Auto-renew’ section. You need to untick the box that is next to the ‘Auto-renew this domain every year’ option.

Final Word: How to Disable Automatic Domain Renewal

When it comes to managing your website, you need to control all aspects of your store. One of those aspects is the domain. Sometimes, a domain has no more value to you as a business. Therefore, you will want to shut it down and no longer pay the annual subscription for the domain name.

You might have enabled automatic renewal for any domain, so you can use the instructions to discontinue that domain subscription. This can help you save money and not have a domain that you don’t want to use any more.

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