How To Do A Product Exchange On Shopify [2024]
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How To Do A Product Exchange On Shopify

Last modified: November 1, 2023

How To Do A Product Exchange On Shopify
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Sometimes customers aren’t happy with their purchase and they’ll be looking for an exchange. Perhaps the item they ordered was too small or perhaps the color was wrong. The best way to complete this is to refund the original purchase and then offer them store credit to order the replacement.

Using this method, you’ll be able to:

  • Reconcile the end-of-day reports.
  • Keep inventory levels correct.
  • Avoid larger transaction fees through credit card refunds.

So, here’s how to make an exchange via store credit.

Key Takeaways
Offering exchanges can enhance the shopping experience and boost brand reputation.
Refunding the original purchase and offering store credit is optimal.
The exchange process involves issuing store credit and creating a new order.

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Step 1 – Login

Log into your store using your Shopify credentials.

Step 2 – Orders

Go to your ‘Orders’ screen and then click on the customer order which you need to make the exchange for. Once inside, click on ‘Refund Order’.

Step 3 – Quantities

Find the product within the order that needs to be returned and then using ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, enter in the number that needs to be returned by the customer.

If the products are due to be returned to you, you should click on the ‘Restock’ options.

Step 4 – Issue Store Credit

Enable the ‘Issue Store Credit’ option and then click on the ‘Refund’ button. The ‘Refund Payment’ window will display. Check the amount in the box is the right amount agreed with the customer or is applicable.

If the customer wants to exchange products that aren’t the same, you can either collect the remaining balance from the customer at the checkout or you can refund the remaining balance to the original payment method.

Step 5 – Complete

Now you can click on the ‘Done’ option.

Step 6 – Create A New Order

Now you can create a new order for the exchange items. Remember to click on the ‘Payment’ tab and click on ‘Store Credit’.

When you’ve collected any additional information/payment from the customer and processed everything you can click on ‘Complete Order’.

Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Product Exchange Process On Shopify

Why Exchanges Matter

Offering exchanges not only enhances the shopping experience but also boosts your brand’s reputation.

Customers appreciate the flexibility and often become repeat buyers when they know they can exchange products with ease. Moreover, exchanges can reduce overall return rates and associated costs.

Streamlining Exchanges in Shopify

While Shopify offers basic exchange functionalities, enhancing this process can be beneficial.

For instance, instead of manually editing orders, consider using specialized apps or tools that integrate seamlessly with Shopify. These tools can automate the exchange process, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Managing Exchange Differences

When products of different values are exchanged, it’s crucial to handle the price difference efficiently. Whether it’s issuing a partial refund or collecting additional payment, ensure the process is transparent and straightforward for the customer.

Best Practices for Product Exchanges On Shopify

Offer Multiple Exchange Options

From product swaps to store credits and gift cards, offering a variety of exchange options caters to diverse customer preferences. This flexibility can enhance customer satisfaction and encourage future purchases.

Track and Analyze Exchanges

Regularly monitor and analyze your exchange data. This helps in identifying trends, understanding customer preferences, and making informed decisions to further improve the exchange process.

Communicate Clearly

Ensure your exchange policy is clear and easily accessible. Regularly update it based on customer feedback and industry best practices. Clear communication reduces confusion and builds trust with your customers.

Conclusion: How To Do A Product Exchange On Shopify

Offering an exchange program is a great way to keep customers. Those that have an exchange policy are often more successful because it builds trust with customers and this can help you convert.

  • Can I set a time limit for product exchanges on my Shopify store?

    Yes, you can set a time limit for product exchanges on your Shopify store. Typically, merchants specify this duration in their return and exchange policy, ensuring customers are aware of the timeframe within which they can request an exchange.

  • Can I deny a product exchange request?

    Yes, store owners have the discretion to deny exchange requests, especially if the product is damaged or outside the exchange window. Always communicate reasons clearly.

  • How do I handle exchanges for international customers?

    For international customers, handle exchanges by clearly outlining policies that consider shipping costs, customs duties, and return timelines. Offer store credits or digital gift cards as alternatives to traditional exchanges to simplify the process and encourage future purchases.

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    The article says:

    “Step 4 – Issue Store Credit
    Enable the ‘Issue Store Credit’ option and then click on the ‘Refund’ button. The ‘Refund Payment’ window will display. Check the amount in the box is the right amount agreed with the customer or is applicable.”

    Where do you “enable the ‘issue store credit’ option in Shopify?

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