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How to Exclude Certain Products from Discounts on Shopify

Last modified: February 9, 2023

How to Exclude Certain Products from Discounts on Shopify
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When it comes to boosting sales on your Shopify store, nothing works better than some clever marketing (social media or email marketing) and a great discount. There are lots of times when you might want to offer some discounts too with Black Friday and Cyber Monday being some of the most popular times when brands offer discounts online for products.

However, not every product should have a discount applied against it. Consider small products or services (like gift wrapping) where you have set costs that have low margins. Sometimes these are known as impulse products, where customers add them into the cart at the last minute because you show them. Impulse products are usually low-ticket items with low profit margins, but they help to make orders more profitable altogether.

If you’ve got a sale of 15% off everything, but the impulse products are 10% profit margin, then you might get a loss on the order. Therefore, you want to exclude these type of items from your discounts.

Another time when you might want to restrict discounts is if there is a new product out. For instance, if you sell shoes and the latest Nike trainers have come out, you might want to offer a discount on all the other products, but not the new Nike trainers where you can get a premium price for them.

So, how do you make sure that when you offer a discount code for sales, that certain products do not have the discount applied against them? Here is the solution.

Does Shopify have this Feature?

No, while Shopify offers discount code functionality and other great features to help you grow your business, they don’t have any specific feature that will help you exclude products from your discount codes. However, you can use the collection approach to apply discount codes to specific products and then other collections can be excluded from the discounts.

Excluding Products from Discounts using Collection Method

These are the steps that you need to create a discount on your website that allows you to exclude other products from the deal.

Step 1 – Log In

The first step is to log into your website using your credentials.

Step 2 - Products

If you know the product title of the products that you want to exclude from your discount, then you can make a collection quickly without needing to look up the names/details. To do this go to the ‘Products’ tab from the left-hand menu.

Step 3 – Collections

Go to the Collections in the Shopify Admin.

Step 4 – Create Automated Collections

Now you need to create an automated collection where you enter in filters that prevent the products you don’t want to be discounted from entering the collection. This can include using filters like ‘is not equal to’ to filter out specific products. Or you could use this with other conditions to limit discounts to products from certain vendors, over a certain price, product tag and so on.

For example, you could use a tag where a product that has recently been published is labeled as new. Then your filter could equal ‘product tag is not equal to ‘new’’.

Step 5 – Create Discount

Now you can create a discount as you would otherwise by offering the discount against that new collection that you’ve built.

Final Word: How to Exclude Certain Products from Discounts on Shopify

If you’re looking to exclude certain products from discounts, then you need to ensure that you’ve excluded them from a collection. Use the steps above to do this or use a discount app like this one here.

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