How to Filter your Files by Size on Shopify [2024]
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How to Filter your Files by Size on Shopify

Last modified: March 27, 2024

How to Filter your Files by Size on Shopify
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When you have lots of uploaded files on your Shopify store, you can sometimes find it hard to find the file that you want when you really need it. You might need to filter your files to make management of them easier. There are lots of ways that you can filter files, such as by type, but you can also do it by size.

In addition to filtering by size, the ability to filter files and redirects using various criteria streamlines your workflow, ensuring you can access the necessary resources efficiently, whether you’re managing product files, redirect mappings, or other vital store data.

By filtering and ordering your Shopify files and redirects, you can speed up the process for finding what you’re looking for. Filtering URL redirects by date can be particularly useful when making updates or changes to your site that involve restructuring URLs as part of Shopify advanced customizations.

Shopify provides you with a function that allows you to filter files by size. And it is really effective. Or you could use an app, like Any Asset, to help you manage your files.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to ensure that you need to follow to filter your files and find the file you want.

Key Takeaways
Filtering files by size on Shopify helps manage and organize your online store efficiently.
Utilize Shopify’s built-in features to easily sort and filter files, improving website performance.
Optimizing file sizes enhances page load speed, offering a better user experience.
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Step 1 – Login

The first step is to login to your Shopify store using your user credentials.

Step 2 – Files

From the admin dashboard, you can enter the ‘Settings’ option on the managing column and then click on the ‘Files’ option from the next screen.

Step 3 – Filter Files

From the next page, you will see there is a ‘Search bar’ that is in the middle of your page. There is also a button that labeled ‘Filter’ on the left side of that bar. You can click on the ‘Filter Files’ button to see more options.

Step 4 – Select MB

Now you will see that there is a drop down menu. This will include the filters that allows you to choose how you would like to filter the files from. Choose the MB option that is of the size you want.

Then you can choose the greater or less than from the next menu that appears. So, for instance, if you want to see all the files that are less than 8MB, you will want to choose the 8MB option and then select the ‘Less Than’ option from the second menu.

When you’ve finished selecting the criteria of your filter, you can click on the ‘Add Filter’ button. This will show you all the filters that match your requirements.

From here you can select the file that you want to edit, delete or whatever action you were looking to complete.

Keep Reading

Enhancing File Size Filtering on Shopify

Understanding the Process

The process of filtering files by size on Shopify is straightforward but warrants a meticulous approach. While the built-in size filter is a handy tool, its reliability can sometimes be inconsistent. It’s a revelation that underscores the importance of alternative strategies to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Pro Tips for Accuracy

Our hands-on experience with Shopify has led us to discover that utilizing the search bar can sometimes yield more accurate results than the size filter.

Navigating to the ‘Products’ section and employing the ‘Filters’ button unveils a ‘Product filters’ menu. While selecting ‘Size’ and applying the desired parameters is intuitive, a meticulous use of the search bar can sometimes unearth more precise results, mitigating the risk of overlooking essential files.

Optimizing the Experience

The integration of these refined strategies promises an optimized experience, ensuring that every file, regardless of its size, is easily accessible. It’s a harmonious blend of simplicity and efficiency, echoing our philosophy of delivering actionable insights that are both intuitive and profound.

Reliability Concerns

The reliability of Shopify’s size filter has been a subject of extensive exploration. Our hands-on engagement with the platform has unveiled instances where the filter may return incorrect results. It’s an insight born from years of meticulous exploration and a testament to our commitment to delivering nuanced, practical solutions.

The search bar emerges as a reliable ally in these instances, offering a level of precision that sometimes eludes the size filter. It’s an insight that underscores the dynamic nature of Shopify, and our adaptive strategies ensure that users are always a step ahead, navigating with precision and confidence.

Practical Solutions

When filtering files by size, the integration of alternative strategies, such as the adept use of the search bar, emerges as a practical solution.

This approach is not a detraction from the efficiency of the size filter but an enhancement. It ensures that users are equipped with multiple tools to navigate the platform with an unprecedented level of accuracy, ensuring that no essential file is overlooked.

Advanced Tips for Efficient File Management

Filtering files by size on Shopify is not just a necessity but an art.

Accuracy of Size Filters

One aspect that often goes unnoticed is the accuracy of size filters. It’s a common misconception that these filters are always spot-on. The size filter, though handy, can sometimes return inaccurate results. This isn’t a flaw of Shopify but a characteristic inherent to dynamic online platforms.

Optimizing the Search Experience

To overcome this, we recommend the utilization of the search bar, a tool we’ve often found to be more reliable. It’s not about undermining the filter’s capability but enhancing your search precision. Every second saved contributes to the overall efficiency, a mantra we’ve lived by in our years of e-commerce expertise.

Image Size Considerations

While filtering, the image size is a parameter that can’t be ignored. We’ve juggled various image sizes and concluded that images of at least 800px by 600px strike the right balance between quality and load time.

Implementing Size Charts

In the world of e-commerce, size charts are not just tools but lifelines. They bridge the gap between virtual and physical shopping experiences. Adding a size chart isn’t rocket science but an easy process, something we’ve done countless times, ensuring customers always make informed choices.

Collection Image Guidelines

For collection images, we’ve found the sweet spot to be around 1200x1200px. It’s not a random number but a result of meticulous testing, ensuring that your images are not just visually appealing but optimized for performance across devices. Additionally, this size allows for wrapping text next to the image, creating a seamless and engaging layout for product collections.

Conclusion: How to Filter your Files by Size on Shopify

When your store gets large enough, you can start to have problems finding the files when you need to make changes or replace it with a new version. The instructions above enable you to manage your files by allowing you to apply a filter based on the size of the file for you to reduce the number of files displayed on your website.

This is using the existing software included with your basic Shopify plan. However, there are also apps that can help you manage assets on your website including the Any Asset app that can help you find, change and edit assets on your website.

  • Can I filter files by size on the mobile version of my Shopify store?

    Accessibility on the go is essential. Explore the features available on the mobile version of your Shopify store for filtering and managing files effectively.

  • How reliable is the size filter on Shopify and are there alternatives for finding specific sizes?

    While the size filter is a convenient feature, it may sometimes yield inaccurate results. To ensure you find the exact product sizes you’re looking for, consider using the search bar as a more reliable alternative.

  • How can I ensure the security of my files when filtering by size on Shopify?

    Security is paramount. Always ensure your files are backed up and use secure methods to filter and organize them to prevent any loss or unauthorized access.

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